Video: Usher Performs ‘OMG’ on ‘Oprah’

Usher had Oprah and her audience saying “OMG” when he performed his No. 1 single with on Monday’s “Oprah Winfrey Show.” Also, find out who Usher has been popping bottles (of milk) with lately, below.

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  1. Trey



  2. RnbFan

    oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.. oh my goshhhhhhhh

    Big Ush!


  3. M!ke

    That performance looked like a lot of fun. .great crowd


  4. sashaj

    he sounded better live than on the actual song…ushers the booom


  5. myke757

    the energy was much better than previous shows but he just seems so dry now like he lacks energy but his vids are bangin.


  6. mel

    too all the ppl that said this song was wack…told ya it was gonna be a big track


  7. Co-Sign3

    Did Usher just use live autotune in his performance??



    umm, good performance, but the ending was to messy, i didnt know what was going on… *blank stare*


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