Kelis Responds to Rihanna and Lady Gaga Comparisons


Rihanna and Lady Gaga have taken the fashion world by storm with their bold sense of style, but before them was Kelis. While the “Bossy” singer’s influence on today’s female pop stars remains a hot topic of conversation, Kelis is sounding off to about her impact on music’s leading ladies.

When asked whether she had heard the Internet chatter comparing her style to that of Rihanna and Lady Gaga’s, Kelis responded, “Yeah. I tried not to see, but it’s noticeable.”

Although it may ruffle her fans’ feathers, the “Acapella” songstress says she’s flattered by the comparisons and attributes the similarities to her peers’ ages. “They’re really young. What else are they supposed to do?”

Kelis explains that this is not the first time an artist has been accused of “swagger jacking.” Borrowing fashion and recycling trends has occurred many times before her. “I’ve been around for a long time and that’s what artists do; we take from each other and we recycle,” she states. “And quite frankly, it may not even be them. It might be stylists that have been around as long as I have and are like, ‘Hey, let’s recycle this on these younger artists.’”

But she shrugs off the controversy. “I’m not offended by it. I don’t really have much feeling about it, honestly. It just keeps me on my toes and allows me to continue moving forward, so it’s cool. I really don’t see it as a bad thing. I guess it means I’m on the right track.”

While she has no beef with her fellow fashionistas, you won’t find her listening to their music on her iPod. “I can’t say that I do. I’m familiar with it, like I know it. I don’t live in a hole. If I’m at a party and they play it, I enjoy it. I get it.”

Kelis’ new album Flesh Tone arrives in the U.K. on May 17 and July 6 in the U.S.

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  1. Vaun

    all im sayign is Grace Jones..


  2. Dwayne

    all im saying why cant girls just get along i say they need to look up to Beyonce who mad? lol i love beyonce


  3. Um

    @dwayne look up to beyonce????? PTFFFHAHAHA!! The biggest copycat of all! Yeah right. People need to look up to real artists. Real artist who don’t claim they written something they didn’t write. And artists who isn’t “Yelling/singing” across that stage. An artists who doesn’t look like dried up bald headed obstruct object.


  4. ciararide

    @um LOL so true! I agree


  5. bijan

    Kelis is too arrogant for me.


  6. boom.BOOM.P0W

    How is she arrogant? I was hoping she would read these bitches down for copying her, but she didn’t. Shes not bitter whatsoever because she know shes that chick and Rihanna & Gaga has stylist telling them what to wear. Kelis is a true fashionista and not a gimmick like them.


  7. Toya

    Why do women have this issue? Men didn’t care if they dress like so and so. But for some reason, women are expected to be original with the clothing that is mass produced around the globe. It’s unavailable. Eventually someone is going to have a style somewhat like another person.


  8. tell'em

    I think she answered the question well without going in on them stealing her style. She’s a very mature individual and know at the end the shes a real artist and innovator in the industry. I can’t wait to cop her album, she always has solid albums just poor promotion smh.


  9. Mona

    She doesn’t seem to care at all lol. It’s funny how people online will argue to the death about it while the celebs could care less.


  10. ItsOscarYO

    @Mona You’re absolutely right. LOL.


  11. Orville

    How is Kelis arrogant? Kelis has been releasing albums since the late 1990s! Kelis was released her first album when Rihanna and Lady Gaga were still in diapers! Kelis is original she is so different from all the young black women in the music industry today. Kelis is not afraid to change her sound and try something new. Kelis is huge in Europe for a reason over in the UK they understand her unlike in North America!


  12. ed

    hahah gaga has a stylist?!?!
    yeah right
    alejandro mv is coming to slay bitches watch out


  13. Hard

    @orville kelis isnt really huge in europe… im german and she had had 1 single top ten song over the last 11years. shes kinda huge in the uk,but thats all.


  14. Kyle

    Kelis is my b****. I love her music and style and cannot wait to get my hands on that damn album!


  15. Denn

    Girl and before you, there was Grace Jones.
    I don’t know about Rihanna, but Gaga cites her as an idol.
    Still love Kelis though :)


  16. Inyo

    Cool interview…and she wasn’t nasty at all. A+


  17. Shamn

    See this is why I love her & will be picking up 6 copies come Sunday. The UK loves Kelis & basically EUROPE/ASIA/AUSTRALIA. .love her for her down-to-earth personality and just delivering with every album. & that is everything she conveyd in that interview. I can not wait to bump & view her album packaging because its not just the music with her. .she also brings it with the album artwork and designs.


  18. Orville

    I disagree Kelis may not be huge in Germany but who cares about Germany anyway? Everyone knows the biggest music markets in the world are the USA and the UK? In the UK right now Kelis already has her sixth top ten single Acapella! Kelis has always sold huge in the UK sell out tours and albums! Kelis is also huge in Ireland as well.


  19. bijan

    You’re a fucking idiot. Germany’s music market is as big as the UK’s. And the two biggest are USA and Japan.


  20. omg

    stop cussing. usa is 1rst uk is 3rd japan is 2nd and germany is 4th. so shut up. your probably not a kelis fan so why bother commenting.


  21. Orville

    Wow Bijan you are very immature. If you disagree with me there is no need to be rude. Geesh.


  22. boom.BOOM.P0W

    Grace Jones doesnt even like Lady Gaga because shes a complete swagger jacker.


  23. Monroe

    How was Kelis arrogant? She came off as totally and completely indifferent to me. She really does not care, lmao.

    I love her, though, that’s my bish. Been that way since I was like 8. And I can’t wait for Flesh Tone.

    And she’s right about the recycling thing. These younger artists are just reusing what their predecessors have already originated. (Nicki Minaj = Lil Kim, Rihanna AND Lady GaGa = Kelis) I’ll always hold the originators in higher regard than the ones recycling though. (But I do love me some Lady GayGay and Nicki Minaj.)


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