M.I.A. Finds Justin Bieber Video More Offensive Than Hers

M.I.A. and Justin Bieber

M.I.A. is responding to the criticism surrounding her controversial music video for “Born Free” and she’s dragging Justin Bieber into the mix.

The Romain Gavras-directed clip sparked debate after it was banned from YouTube for its violent nature, but M.I.A. doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. “If I’m honest, I find the new Justin Bieber video more violent and more of an assault to my eyes and senses than what I’ve made,” she tells NME magazine. Exactly which of the teen sensation’s videos she’s talking about is unknown.

“I did nine hours of phone interviews yesterday and all anyone wanted to know about was the meaning of the video,” she adds. “It completely baffles me that everyone seems obsessed with deciphering the meaning to it, in the same way as the Brick Lane riot for American Apparel leggings baffled me.”

M.I.A. will release her third album /\/\/\Y/\ on July 13. The title spells out her real name Maya in slashes. The first single “XXXO” hit the net this week, while the original version produced solely by Blaqstarr can be heard on her website.

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  1. drtash

    LOL oh that’s really sad that she had to pick on a 16-year old to try and justify her own video. Really? Was that necessary?I don’t even know what video she’s talking about.


  2. humberto

    I so agree hahahaha


  3. humberto

    M.I.A. is the best hahahaha


  4. zucco

    she brought justin bieber into this wow she’s whack grow some balls and stick up like warrior for your own ish!!!


  5. Rhino

    Well, Justin Bieber is not a terrorist sympathizer-SO THERE!


  6. kan

    the eenie meenie one?… lol


  7. joey

    she didnt mean it seriously im sure. it was just to joke


  8. 2Trill

    she wants to seem deeper than she really is & dragged a little kid into it…smh


  9. Ghetto Fab

    It’s about time someone start calling out that 12 year old talentless kid. He looks like every other 12 year old at the mall and is no more talented than those folks on American Idol. I don’t understand the hype. And I’m sorry but that kid assaults my ears and eyes daily as I pass through radio stations and music television. So I think they aren’t being fair to MIA’s video. Every video deserves to be played. It’s the artist’s expression that we are looking at.


  10. headphones

    @joey i agree lol i doubt she has a real problem with the kid, she was just making a statement, hope people don’t make this bigger than it needs 2 be lol


  11. ...

    hopefully she’s joking because if she’s serious, i just lost respect for her.


  12. BowChickaWahWah

    k dis bitch crazy


  13. sagb

    she wants publicity!


  14. Jay_Z

    Are you saying she wants publicity that she already has? I’m kinda confused here :s


  15. TVA

    @Rhino – One person’s terrorist is another’s patriot. Technically speaking George Washington and Co. were terrorists but they won so they get to be patriots. Keep the politics off the music page unless it’s the focus of the artists comment.

    M.I.A.’s video was commentary on the fact that any one group of people can be singled out to be discriminated against for any reason. Thinking it can’t/won’t be you and that it is ok for it to happen to some other group of people is idiocy. That’s why majority groups hate immigrants because they fear when they become the minority that all of the wrongs they did to the new majority will start happening to them.

    Parents taught you to treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s an edict we should all stick to. Even when the fight is over Ciara vs Beyonce for no good reason.


  16. Allenj

    What Video Is She Talking About for starters And 2nd outta all peopel she should be talking about it should be LADY GAGA Video She needs to leave Justin alone he 16 And she is how old come on now


  17. cari s.

    First Gaga and now Bieber. Both of these artists are the current ‘trend’. I think she’s just mentioning them for publicity. MIA should talk about her own (lame) music.


  18. jabiaabm

    I love M.I.A., but i think that comment was unnecessary.


  19. Trey

    Publicity much?
    But everyone is saying the PRINCESS OF POP Christina Aguilera is being craving it? No this one-hit Paper Planes chick is.

    Don’t bring the Biebz in this either!


  20. connect

    @ cari s.

    you’re stupid. everyone talks about pop-figures and current trends. So SNL is doing it for pub? comedians do it for pub? The news does it for pub? Sometimes people have opinions on what is going on in pop culture. Simple as that. You’re obviously saying that because you dont like MIA. And are not bringing a worthwhile opinion to the argument.


  21. AMC

    i hate artist that think there so above pop culture…i cant stand it…if u dont want to see or be around pop culture go make music in your basement and be done with it…she thinks shes this almighty artist ..but in reality shes just another brick in the music industry..please get over yourself and your music MIA



    Agree with AMC


  23. kan

    i think the real dangerous thing about justin bieber is her fans.


  24. Monroe

    Lmao, at the Beaver’s fans mad? M.I.A.’s been doing social commentary for the longest time, Born Free was no different. And she’s BEEN an underground artist for years and never had an issue with it. She never wanted to be the next media darling, that’s why she behaves, dresses and thinks the way she does.

    I could care less if she drags “the Biebz” into this. He’s just as talentless as all these other R&B/pop dudes that are cropping up now (Jason Derulo, Jay Sean, etc.) and the fact that everyone is kissing the ass of a 12-year-old prepubescent lesbian (Yeah, I said it, and what?) is funny. More power to M.I.A. for not being afraid to state her mind.


  25. ILikeCats

    @Monroe, you should be ashamed for supporting this type of behaviour. I’m not fan of either Biebs or M.I.A., but trying to put down a 16 year old kid is not acceptable. I support constructive criticism, which is something she could have done, but this is just straight up hating. Justin has an ok voice though, and he may be able to develop some musical (as opposed to vocal) talent as he matures. Therefore, I think people should stop being be so harsh on him considering his age and that he is still maturing.


  26. YALL

    Calm your horse balls people! What she said was actually very intelligent. I’m pretty sure she has nothing against Bieber. But what she said is hilarious and should make you think! In my opinion it is a great pun and i love her whole philosophy with the music industry which is ingratiating for her.


  27. Christina

    I love M.I.A.’s music, but she needs to stop publicly criticizing all these other musicians. Whether she’s doing it for publicity or not (and it’s unfortunately appearing like the former), it’s rude and distracts from what is important, which is her music.


  28. Crazy

    lol she said it jokingly lol she obviously knows it was violent and felt like making a silly joke ppl take her way too seriously she’s a funny person lol i luv her


  29. Stop and think

    She’s not saying it to dis him per say, it is more of a dis to society, which she openly tries to change. As Americans, we are very up tight about p.c. and all that junk, she is just showing what happens in other countries by trying to relate what happens else where in the world to an American standard. She’s not attacking the little boy, she is attacking you. Trying to get you to think beyond our American flag to a world that is a lot worse than what you live in. Think about the message before you shut your mind off because you see gore. It is about global issues, not the issue you think it is.


  30. Sarah.L

    Lol. Offensive my ass!! There hasn’t been an “offensive” Bieber video. What the hell is she on? He’s 16. More mature than many teenage boys. He’s not the one singing about gun crime and getting high. Duh!


  31. qg

    MIA’s whole niche is about being a social commentator…her comment was hilarious because it makes no sense…but she should lay off it a bit..it’s bad publicity to criticize musicians when your in the same industry


  32. o.m.g

    damn i like mia and bieber


  33. xenishia

    justin bieber u r aiiiiiight but i luv yo songz


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