New Music: UgLy – ‘WaStEd’ [Snippet]


Teyana Taylor makes the band along with Chris Brown cohort Mijo, Braxton, and Ethan. The foursome go by the name UgLY (Underneath Greatness Lies You). Listen to a 30-second snippet of their debut single “WaStEd” dropping this summer, plus look for Teyana in Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming in October.

Download: UgLy – “WaStEd” [Snippet]

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  1. Mzzdel

    i can’t wait to hear the full song,,i can tell its going to be hot


  2. Tee

    sounds great,love mijo and tt.Cant wait to learn about the other two members


  3. Jay

    yeah no thanks they can keep this lol


  4. Ghetto Fab

    Not a good clip. Whoever is singing CAN NOT AND SHOULD NOT! I like the melody though. So is this what Teyana is doing with herself lately. What happened to Smooches lmao?


  5. LShea

    Not my kinda thing. When is music going to evolve altogether? Never, maybe. :/


  6. J. Man



  7. Lyric "Commander" Lee

    u mean to tell me after all that damn whinig she did over the smmoches song now she not even gonna use it….wow wtf. ms kelly shouldve kept it – she rocked it better neways


  8. sagb



  9. anonymous

    She is keeping “Smooches”. She is still doing her solo album. So shut that up.


  10. listen

    hahaha. i thought she was pharrell’s artist??? why isn’t pharrell pushing her and why didn’t he put her in N.E.R.D. instead of rhea? i don’t understanding signing an artist and sitting on them like that.


  11. yhtak

    i like it, cant wait for the rest


  12. VA 4 Life

    Dang…that was definitely a snippet wasn’t it! Lol!
    Well, it’s not really my type of music, but I do respect it when people try to do something different. The snippet was so short I really couldn’t feel it out. I guess I’ll have to wait until they release the whole thing

    Good Luck though TT and Mijo and the whole U.G.L.Y crew! Anyone cool with Chris is cool with me!

    VA 4 Life!!


  13. ...

    I HaTe wHeN PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs


  14. coco

    Whack. Nothing different and sounds like 80% of that synth pop mess that’s out right now.


  15. Yoda

    WTF was that shit


  16. cccxxvelle

    I really do try my best to like this girl, but I can’t. I believe it’s best that she continues associating herself with artists and celebs to appear important. She tries too hard to seem cool and that’s not hot.


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