Video: Alicia Keys – ‘Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)’

Alicia Keys

Love is blind in the video for Alicia Keys’ “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready),” the third single from The Element of Freedom. Alicia’s character falls in love with a white man played by actor Chad Michael Murray, but racial tensions keep the lovers from expressing their feelings toward each other. The Jake Nava-directed clip flashes between the past and present to show that such apprehensions still exist. But will love conquer all?

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  1. Lild9

    Can u please upload a rip of this video for international readers! its country restricted! i really want to watch this video!!!


  2. jesus



  3. What I Said

    This Shit Don’t Feel Right Without Drake

    Drake Should Of Play The Romeo You Know

    It’s Alright


  4. jesus



  5. Mark

    Don’t hold your breath for it, jesus.


  6. queen beyonce

    i luv this song so much, i think the video matches i agree should have drake in it!


  7. whatev

    OMG Drake was barely on the song for christ sake.


  8. headphones

    good video, i love the story line


  9. Lil' Nello

    I already loved this song a whole lot being that it’s 1 of Alicia’s top 3 songs she ever recorded! But I love it even more after seeing the video! That’s a really dope concept & storyline with how she goes from the black & white into color! Then shows how even through the different time periods leading up to today how racism is unfortunately still alive! Alicia looks really amazing in the video to!


  10. AAA

    i like the video , she looks cute with chad,


  11. Phoenix_Wright

    Agrees with whatev, Drake’s vocals were barely present so there is no need for that. If he actually had a verse or did more than just background vocals then yea.

    the vid was nice.


  12. LShea

    Both of my sisters are married to white men and they are still having to deal with the ignorance of people who don’t understand humans fall in love with humans.

    I can’t watch it; trying to view internationally!


  13. stellar2

    love this song!!!!! finally a video, but aww no drake.


  14. A Fierce one

    Hands down my favourite song off the album and just a gorgeous, gorgeous video with a very sweet sentiment. Loved every minute of it.


  15. HoneyBee

    Alicia Keys……i never used to like you, but you made me a fan just now. What an amazing video. I’m in an interracial relationship so this really hits home.


  16. rhea20

    omg!!!…i luv alicia keys and this song and video made me love her more…MUAHHH!!! alicia


  17. GangsterA

    Wow this is just amazing this video is so beautiful and the song god this should be number one hit cuse keys desrve it


  18. Mike

    There’s something about this song, i really like it. I liked the video too, it’s the definitely the most creative one yet off of “The Element of Freedom”.


  19. Purple

    im disapointed i meannn the song does not even match the video …. man wow i got soooo hyped 4 what ?


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