Jay-Z Is Hot for Betty White

Betty White and Jay-Z

Did Jay-Z make a move on Betty White? After sharing the bill on last weekend’s “SNL,” White relived her experience with Jay Leno. When asked whether the rapper got fresh with her, the 88-year-old actress laughed, “He didn’t get fresh, he just got desperate, I guess,” revealing that he copped a feel, “He just walked by and patted me—not on the shoulder.”

Watch out Beyoncé, Jay already has plans to take his new girl on a date. “I got her number and everything. Taking her out later this week,” he joked in an interview with ESPN. “Me and Em[inem] gonna double date. He got the other one, the other Golden Girl [Rue McClanahan].”

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  1. Toya

    Blanche would be perfect for Em! Sad that only 2 of the Golden Girls are still alive.



    To Cute!


  3. Tina

    I love love love Betty White. I wanna move in with her.


  4. Trey

    BETTY & JAY !!


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