New Music: Dondria f/ Johnta Austin and Diamond – ‘Shawty Wus Up’


After breaking us off with her tender ballad “You’re the One,” Dondria takes it to the streets with her new single “Shawty Wus Up.” Recorded in 2008, the bouncy J.D. production features Johnta Austin and rapper Diamond. The 23-year-old singer’s debut album Dondria vs. Phatfffat has a new release date of August 3.

Download: Dondria f/ Johnta Austin and Diamond – “Shawty Wus Up”

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  1. Dawo

    Hot Song I love it,This is a soso def sound


  2. Rap*



  3. Creat1ve

    Lovin’ this! It’s takin’ me back to the days music was at it’s peak of greatness. Dondria’s really got me feenin’ for “Dondria VS. Phatfffat” right now, cause this is hot!


  4. MB92

    Ilove it Dondria did her thang w/ this one


  5. AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas)

    Sonds good.


  6. Diamond Girl

    This is not hot!..Y is everything so damn overtly sexual..There is no substance in music anymore and this song proves it! Fail…


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    EH i love her but not feeling this enough to download it. Maybe it will grown on me like You’re the One.


  8. Jeffery J-Boe

    I Agree @Diamond Girl, & Phoenix_Wright… I Love Dondria, and Her Hit R&B Song “You’re The One”, But I Am Not Feeling This Song, This Song Is Not What’s Up… I’m Sorry, But This Isn’t Music, This Is Trash, and Why Album Getting Push Back For???, When The Song Is Doing Well Enough To Be Released… Dondria For 2010.


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