Guess Whose Timbs

Guess the Timbs

Which rapper kicked it on the streets of New York in a pair of untied Timbs?


It’s Jay-Z, who rapped about being “off” Timberland boots on his collaboration with Drake. The hip-hop superstar signed autographs for fans of all ages while leaving Bar Pitti restaurant in New York City’s West Village on Friday (May 14).

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  1. mississiy

    His song Off That says: Timbs we off that. guess not


  2. Loplop

    Shawn Carter !!!


  3. Ash

    That jeans is a no-go!! He looks SUPER SKINNY too.


  4. juu



  5. Lil' Nello

    I knew it was Jay it was way to obvious!


  6. Kanye

    In Jay-Z defence though its was actually his song, that part of the song was sung by Drake.


  7. sagb

    i knew it was either him or kanye!


  8. Soul Sista

    when you said the word timb i knew instantly it was Jay Z


  9. GangsterA

    I know it its jay z he is supa skiNny bey feet your man some chickeen


  10. lizzy miller

    i love your songs but im not loven the boots.


  11. 2Trill

    that n*gga look like a retarded camel. he do make some dope music though.


  12. AJC

    Nothing but love HOV


  13. brunett

    padre muy muy padre


  14. JayZ's Mom

    Ohhh my lorrrrd. *clutches pearls* Why is my son walking around without his shoes untied?! I don told him he gonna trip and break something! Damn kids never listen!


  15. Katie

    First of all jay-z is looking hot, and jayz’s mom you are not funny at all! you just killed it and i think you have been on crack to much you dumb n*gga


  16. bass_man

    lol tims we off dat.


  17. stacie

    NICE BOOT JAY-Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Oz toshiba

    i love jigga old style….
    too mutch not


  19. S.

    In various interviews Jay was asked about that line because he showed up at a few US and international award shows rocking Timbs… he stated he had to withdraw that specific lyric because Timbs are “too New York.” Residents of NY went in on him because that is a staple in their fashion.


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