Album Cover: Dru Hill – ‘InDRUpendence Day’

InDRUpendence Day

Dru Hill is back. Sisqó, Nokio, Jazz, and newest member Tao rock leather and skulls on the cover of their first album in almost eight years, InDRUpendence Day. The quartet’s new disc arrives July 27, featuring the singles “Love M.D.” and “Back to the Future.” Catch their comeback on the reality show “Platinum House,” premiering June 28 on Centric.

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  1. Juno

    cheap cover = cheap album?


  2. musicfan

    InDRUpendence Day <—— lmfao


  3. Phoenix_Wright

    yes, lmao @ that title, I never was into their music and I don’t think I will be now.

    Nonetheless good luck to them.


  4. XXX

    lmao lame title!!!why do they wanna come back?? they’re over!!wtf…


  5. Rachel

    What’s with all the hate? Love Sisqo, has one of the sexiest voices out there. Hooked on ‘Love MD’, the video’s a bit funny though.


  6. Duane Witherspoon

    I don’t care…..Hands down my favorite group….I watch the show, loved the last album and I even named my first son Andru….I’m excited for the album and Dru Hill. Continue to keep it real…


  7. Phillip Caulkins

    I can’t wait for the new cd this is my favorite group of all time. I hope that this is worth the wait.


  8. bobbie mcdowell

    i dont see why all ya,ll peeps are cursing off dru hill,just coz they talented and you,s aint,lol xxxx love always sisqo is sooo sexy xxx


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