Game’s ‘R.E.D. Album’ Pushed to July

The Game

The summer release schedule is getting one more shake-up. Game’s R.E.D. Album has been moved to July.

The rapper’s fourth LP has been delayed one week to July 6 from its previous June 29 date. Other releases that week include Kelis’ Flesh Tone and Big Boi’s Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. See the latest release schedule.

The Justin Timberlake-assisted single “Ain’t No Doubt About It” is scheduled to hit iTunes on Tuesday, while Pharrell, Dr. Dre, and Cool & Dre are among those providing the beats for the Compton MC.

Watch Rap-Up TV’s recent interview with Game here.

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  1. Pinoy

    What’s new???!! Happens with every album coming out this year.


  2. Gibzen

    not B.o.B.’s ;)


  3. ANTHO

    sure am getting sick of this


  4. KiNG

    Wow pushed back 7 months nice work Game


  5. Ciara4evaeva

    Wow he said the last album he did was gonna b his last so y is he making another i guess he needed money i knew he would B Back.


  6. boom.BOOM.P0W

    I wouldnt be surprised if they push it back again.


  7. sashaj

    ITs being pushed back cause theres no single pushing it really…..Every single Game has released so far has been a flop lol im not hating but he needs another My Life or How We Do


  8. stellar2

    “My life” aint even that great… and The Game can come back whenever he wants… If he didn’t come back there would only be wussy hip-hop songs… The Game is real rap.


  9. stellar2

    and it’s only one week.


  10. Scared

    He’s scared that his album will be the ‘underdog’ compared to DrizzyDrake’s ‘Thank Me Later’ LP. I would be scared too, being the ‘competitor’ to Drake. He admitted that he (Drake) would sell more records in an interview. YM/CMB. I agree with sashaj too, all of his singles have been shitty. He doesn’t need a My Life, but he needs some shit like 400 Bars, but not 20 minutes. haha.


  11. keith

    pushing it foward….not pushing it back…..that’s way i see it


  12. aton

    I just think he needs to scrap the JT song or make it a bonus track. Its not a BAD song but overall it ain’t gonna benefit Game. He should change the first single to a Dre song or something like “Would i be wrong” with Akon.


  13. Soularmy

    I hope the single that will be releases on itunes Will be different than the one that leaked à couple a weeks ago…


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  15. g status

    God damn it…. All aftermath is full of lately…


  16. bws 4 life

    this is takein the mick now and i just seen the track list and shake is on it i was like “wtf shake” its naff and hje needs to replace it with a nuther song


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  18. GuRu GuRu

    the game iz tha only rapper
    tht keepin tha real hip hop
    alive n juzt tired of waittin
    4 tha RED album now all i hv
    2 do iz juzt wait thtz all


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