M.I.A. Pukes Out ‘Schizophrenic’ Album, Plots Fall Tour


M.I.A. lights up the set of her cover shoot for NME. The music rebel chats with the magazine at a London bus stop about “puking out confusion” on her “schizophrenic” new album /\/\/\Y/\, not being able to leave America, how the Internet inspired her album artwork, British politics, and headlining her own tour in October.

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  1. bass_man

    I hope she doesn’t get too noisy. But, I’m excited..


  2. Nicole

    Love M.I.A can’t wait for the new album been 3 yrs


  3. Thatsuperstar

    YES YES YES I BEEN READY!I knew the day woudl come and everyone would be on her jock. Im glad i got to have her 2 albums and mixtapes to myself. Now she is a big STAR! But Im happy for her…


  4. GangsterA

    M.I.A is the shit i love her cant wait 4 the album her last 2 pure hotnes


  5. Jeffery J-Boe

    I’ve Been Waiting For This Album For Awhile Now, and I Hope This Album Becomes Her Best Album Ever… M.I.A. For 2010.


  6. Liss

    Can’t wait for it! I love me some M.I.A


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