Behind the Video: Alexis Jordan – ‘Happiness’

Alexis Jordan

Eighteen-year-old Alexis Jordan is the newest face to emerge from the arsenal of talent under the Roc Nation umbrella. On her debut single “Happiness,” produced by Stargate, the South Carolina songstress belts out her affection for one lucky boy over an easy, breezy tune designed for the dance floor.

Alexis recently spoke with about her first album, due this fall. “It’s a universal album; it’s going to be insane,” she revealed. “Every single song I love, and not many artists can say that. There’s a lot of uptempo, midtempo, and ballads.”

Go behind the scenes of the “Happiness” video before its premiere on Thursday.

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  1. Nicole

    Song is nice she better not turn out like Rihanna or get dumped by Jay-Z like he did to Tearria Mari


  2. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas)


    Didn’t expect this but she is fine. I think the song is really good too. Great voice. I see potential.


  3. sagb

    the song is too poppy for me


  4. Silly Lee

    I love Alexis Jordan, I think she is refreshing! Shout out to her!


  5. Lisa

    Red finally made it! :) I’m Happy for her 843 taking over this year LOL.


  6. UltraKid

    Rihanna is better than she’s even been.


  7. UltraKid

    The song seems to be heavily influenced by Trance. I remember the days where I was crazy about that Genre—Every song was either uplifting or just beautiful especially the tracks from ATB.


  8. Shanti

    @Ultrakid Rihanna cant sing alexis jordan can so shut the fuk up bitch.


  9. Wyldkat

    Alexis os the bomb.Great song,great voice,great video.


  10. sophie

    does anyone know the name of the guy from video?


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