Diddy Packs ‘Train’ with Features from Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, & Drake

Diddy-Dirty Money

The biggest names in pop music are all getting on board Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris.

The music mogul has recruited an all-star lineup for his first album in nearly four years, including Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, T.I., Swizz Beatz, and Bilal. “We have most of the game that called excited about being on the album,” he told Rap-Up.com during Tuesday’s BET Awards press conference in New York. “It doesn’t sound feature heavy. They sound like they’re a part of the movement and part of the sound.”

Diddy expressed his content with the oft-delayed project. “I think this is one of my best albums and I’m truly blessed to have these two queens [Dawn and Kalenna] beside me,” he said. “You get to tell a story—it’s a love story about finding love, losing love, and getting it back again. I’m a man, I can’t tell a woman’s side. These are two beautiful, courageous young women and they tell the truth on the album. I think this is an album that’s innovative, creative, and exciting, and it’s something the game needs.”

On the eve of his album release, Diddy and his Dirty Money crew will take the stage and host the post-show at the 10th Annual BET Awards on June 27.

–Reporting by Monique Balcarran

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  1. Dave

    sounds hot! Imma get it, love the singles he put out, except Angels.


  2. mtyb05

    what about kanye? isnt im so appalled a verse from this album?


  3. okstatetw

    What about I’m So Appalled feat. Kanye West???


  4. cbfan

    Great lineup. I’m happy Chris Brown was included.


  5. keith

    I’m Guessing the track he made with kanye didn’t make the album!


  6. Danny

    That’s right Diddy, no one can tell you who to put on your music, glad to see the talented Bro. Chris Brown on there.


  7. Ashwin

    Yea that’s what this album is going to live on, the features.


  8. Juno

    sounds hot! I love the singles so far


  9. bijan

    im excited


  10. jamie

    idk how its gonna turn out. if the 30 sec snippets of the album r hot i might check it out… lol @ ashwin


  11. Allenj

    Sweet Cant Wait This Album Will Be Great I Know It


  12. marise bond

    I’m happy for chris Ilove you baby.


  13. Ms Linda

    ups to diddy you is a thousand we the chris brown fans love you for letting chris brown do his thang with you much luv diddy you is a hellva man keep chris under your wing


  14. marise bond

    I’m taking day off to wasth bet because you cb.


  15. Okay

    Shout out to diddy for adding chris to his album


  16. BowChickaWahWah

    I’m actually excited for this.


  17. loly

    chris you rock.greatejob diddy


  18. Kyle

    I’m definitely excited to hear it. I’m not a Diddy fan, but I must say I’ve been really interested in this concept since he has been talking about it.


  19. Adwiin

    What about T-Pain as he helped him through the whole concept of the album with diddy using autotune in particular…


  20. Harvey

    OMG, Dirty Money is so lame to me. I’m so sick of them. Even the name of the group is stupid…Diddy-Dirty Money??? Come on now…


  21. amy



  22. johnson

    nice to see chris on there mite check it out. thumbs up for diddy


  23. Tonest

    Just saw a screening of Diddy’s new movie “Get Him to the Greek”. HILARIOUS movie!


  24. KrewLeada

    Get Him to the Greek looks hilarious! I had puff on the brain from reading the article, when can I go to a premiere?!? Vegas and SF shouldn’t have all the fun


  25. AK

    Harvey and amy should stop hating on diddy and enjoy
    music. Nice for incl Chris Brown on album.


  26. diamond

    drake is hot t.i is hot the girls in the video can sing very well but no to be a person all up in your whatever but diddy you dont know how to treat your kidz


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