New Music: Estelle – ‘Fall in Love’

Fall in Love

After getting her freak on, Estelle mellows out on “Fall in Love,” the new single from her third album All of Me, due this September. The breezy tune, which recalls her smash “American Boy,” already has the stamp of approval from her label boss John Legend, who calls it the song of the summer!

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  1. chet

    has a nice retro summer groove to it. don’t know about song of the summer, but i REALLY dig this track.


  2. maya

    sounds cool.
    i’d love her to work with Kelly Rowland in the futur. she has the hottest new single out right now called “Commander”. yall can get it on Itunes already. (ft. David Guetta)


  3. Kyle

    Estelle is at her best on tracks like this. Great groovy tune. I actually forgot about “Freak,” it was a good song IMO but just didn’t really fit her style.


  4. Harvey

    It’s a good album cut but I dunno about being a single. It’s just an alright song to me.


  5. ...

    see, i can handle this type of dance music from estelle (“freak” was too jarring). it’s like “american boy” but a little clubbier. very cute.


  6. GangsterA

    @… I agree with you freak was so so jarring and noisey this is alot better i love it but when shes start to do promo 4 her new stuff


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