Rick Ross Rides with Drake on ‘Aston Martin Music,’ Reunites with Jay-Z

Rick Ross and Drake

The walls surrounding Rick Ross’ guarded album Teflon Don are slowing beginning to fall. After revealing that Kanye West is featured on his potential second single “Live Fast, Die Young,” the Miami rapper shares details with Rap-Up.com about two more high-profile collaborations.

The man who brought you “Maybach Music” now has something for you to bang in another luxury whip. Ross sits in the driver’s seat while Drake rides shotgun on “Aston Martin Music.” “That’s a special record,” he says of his pairing with the Young Money star, who sings and raps on the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League production. “It’s a real street, edgy song, but the melodies of the chorus almost leave the listener in a trance.”

The Bawse also worked with another boss, Jay-Z, on an untitled song produced by The Inkredibles. “It’s still untitled because the chorus is so overwhelming and there’s so many dope things being said that we haven’t really decided between a couple words,” he explains. “Me and Jay on the same record, of course we lyrically murdered it, but the content and certain things we both address is gonna make this record one to remember for many years to come.”

Fans who pick up the deluxe edition of Teflon Don on July 6 will get to see how the collabo came about. “I took my verse and the concept, I flew out to the Blueprint 3 tour in St. Louis, and I was like a backstage roadie for the next few days,” Ross recalls. “You will see me play the record for [Jay-Z] for the first time, and by the time he heard it the third time, he was rapping his verse.”

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  1. Joyams

    I love Ross and Jay together. I think that Teflon Don is gonna be dope, fuck the haters.


  2. Joyams

    I love Ross and Jay together. I think that Teflon Don is gonna be dope, fu** the haters.


  3. Xtinafan

    i hope avery storm is on the album.


  4. JD

    Why does he keep making songs named after cars?


  5. GangsterA

    I want to hear the song with jay now its gonna be hot


  6. aton88

    How come there is NO news about Young Jeezy’s new album that supposedly comes out the same day as Drake’s?????????


  7. lorider

    ROSS and JAY Z OMG
    I can’t wait,!I know The Inkredibles are hot too.
    Why can’t the single be release right now.
    The thought is just too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. kid vengeance

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