Diggy Simmons Wants Uncle Russell to Stay Out of His Career

Russell Simmons couldn’t be happier for his nephew Diggy Simmons’ rising rap career. Uncle Russy explains what a respectful, church-going kid Diggy is and how he wants to see more artists like him and Jay Electronica.

He also responds to the comparisons between the younger Simmons and his elder brother JoJo (“There’s enough room for a lot of them out here”).

But although he may be a hip-hop icon, 15-year-old Diggy wants his uncle to stay out of his career.

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  1. SayItAintSo

    I understand why Diggy wants his family to let him do his thing by himself. Yall already know how niggas be in real life they always try and find something wrong. Theyll probably say stuff like Diggy in the game because his father is REv run his uncle is russell simmons. Thats why he got a deal bla bla and this and that.


  2. Meow

    answer to your question..yea his dad probably help him out..


  3. JD

    He IS in the game because of his father.


  4. ...

    if his dad wasn’t rev run and his uncle wasn’t russell, nobody would give a damn about a diggy simmons track.


  5. justus

    Diggy’s a fool for not wanting Russell involved. I’d rather have Russell, than Run. Use your resources. Do the math…


  6. diamond bolton

    yal need 2 shut up and stop being some lil haterz kuz everyone have their own opinions and just kuz u kant do nun 4 ur self dont mean diggy kant>!!!!! i am personally a runs house fan and i luvvv digggy so justus shut da fuck up and jd the same for yhu. lil waynes father helped him out but dont no body kare. so why is it different for daniel(diggy). yal need to bac the fuk up with dat shitt!!!!!!


  7. jst mi

    i dnt undastand y u dnt want sum1 who helped u rise 2fame in ur career,that aint thankful,i luv diggy,bt ths jst wrong,he is the uncle afta all


  8. Kaye Kaye

    Y’all diggy just wants to prove himself because a lot of people put him down just because he is who is he is. his father has nothing to with his career and i would see why because if he was than everyone would do this…”Diggy is a punk because he had his father and the rest of us had to make it our own way” I rest my case. Jetsetter’s Up

    And den diggy do what he wanna do so leave him alone


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