Nicole Scherzinger Readies ‘Empowering’ New Single

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger has been winning the hearts of America as a finalist on “Dancing with the Stars,” but she hasn’t forgotten her musical roots. The Pussycat Doll is getting ready to return to music with a solo single.

The first offering from the singer’s long-delayed solo album is called “Nobody Can Change Me” and will arrive this week. Her album, originally set for release in 2008 under the title Her Name Is Nicole, was delayed after a single failed to take off. Much of the mostly urban material, produced by Polow Da Don, Madd Scientist, and The Neptunes, subsequently leaked.

Nicole is reworking the project with a more pop sound. “My music that I’m working on now for my album might have a little more rock, funk, soul edge, but it’s basically in the genre of popular music and it’s just honest music, fun music,” she said during a recent interview on “Good Day L.A.”

She likened her new single to the music she put out with the Pussycat Dolls. “The single is an empowering song, so it’s very much like Pussycat Dolls, but it’s just me singing the same thing,” she explained.

On Friday night, the lead Doll performed with the new members of PCD at a private show in Los Angeles. She will compete for the “Dancing with the Stars” championship this week.

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  1. Pinoy

    Nicole would sell big time anyway cause she don’t need PCD for that shit.


  2. hearts

    she still comes off a bit ‘mean’ to me…


  3. WE

    Well. Her first 3 solo singles did not sell anything.


  4. Sandro

    I love her. Please everyone support her. The new single is available on May 25th! Go get it guys!


  5. laos

    She will FLOP!


  6. jopacangrie

    i bein waitn for this for soow long i cant wait to hear his first single support her ppl.

    luv yu Nicole<<


  7. SexyBoomBoy

    i love nicole <33333

    wish her full of luck in Dancing with stars

    i hope she will win
    and i cant wait to her new singleeeeeeeeeeeee


  8. JD

    She’s already put out 3 or 4 solo singles, what makes you think she’ll do any good now? FLOP


  9. ...

    she needs to model and STFU
    nobody wants to hear a solo single from this heffa


  10. infamous

    I can´t wait for this. I have waited so long for a new Nicole Scherzinger song.
    I hope it´s a hit for her.


  11. miki

    cant wait go NICOLE


  12. Trey

    She definitely needs to go the urban route.
    Polow material would suit her.
    But then again look at Xtina now
    Nicole is probably going pop due to the state of R&B now.


  13. GangsterA

    Cant wait go nicole


  14. bijan

    I think she’ll do a lot better this time


  15. dd



    Andrei Joseph R. Dela Cruz Reply:

    @dd, whats ddd what ever


  16. Donte

    i like nicole but i hate the pussycat dolls nicole better off solo i hope this happen soon i like her in enden,s crush back in 2001 pcd cover off donna summer,s hot stuff was awful elize verison was much better.


  17. Andrei Joseph R. Dela Cruz

    i liv nicole and pcd we luv u


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