Video: Rihanna – ‘Rockstar 101’


Watch out, Slash! Rihanna makes a mean double as the rock guitarist in the black-and-white video for “Rockstar 101,” the new single from Rated R. RiRi learns from the best, including Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, who makes a cameo in her band. Melina once again directs the pop star’s latest visual wonder. And yes, she finally found that black guitar.

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  1. jacq

    I think the concept was dope….but watch the “Illuminati” comments start! Smh.


  2. Giamma



  3. WhatTheF




  4. anonymous

    @jacq ditto


  5. laos

    E-P-I-C! F-A-I-L!


  6. back2basics

    This video made me like the song !!!! Go Ri-Ri!!!!


  7. NeeLaRou

    This shit looks satanic.
    She is a puppet. An horrible singer, performer, and has no personality.


  8. Laker Fan

    Once Aleandro video comes out this week, people will forgot about this horrid video


  9. Escobar

    Horrible performer. No stage or video presence. Cant sing or dance. LMAO… She tries so hard to be top notch like the other ladies. #PATHETIC


  10. shawty



  11. Giamma

    Hi Haters!

    I just love how EVERYONE thought she was going back to “lighter imagery/sound” after Rude Boy and then she comes with this ultra dark video/song for SUMMERTIME! Say what you want but she plays by her own rules, either if this flops or not! One of the thousand reasons why I love her so much! Now THAT is taking risks.

    Rihanna >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Stay pressed! :)


  12. Trisha N.

    She doesnt play by her own rules!!!! She is a puppet, she does whatever her label/manager tells her to do. She is not in control of her career, you would be a fool to think otherwise.


  13. kEY

    true the video looks too dark,satanic, lol what people saying could be true, girl you lost


  14. jacq

    I’m mad that ya’ll be talkin’ bout this chick like ya’ll went to school with her & had 3rd period together! How YOU know what her rules are? She told you over the phone “Trisha, girl these ain’t my rules! I’m just a puppet girl”

    …you don’t like the vid, then you don’t like the vid. That’s that.


  15. g3

    ^ lmao 3rd period together haha buh i agree she can do what she wants ya flew to the post to watch and comment so your interested get em Rih i like the vid and the song is hot


  16. FrozzB

    LMAO @ Puppet.
    But that what she is, and a horrible 1 at that.
    Thats why her concert tickets are not selling well…

    Thinks about those 2 videos of her falling and the awful moonwalk… LMAO


  17. FrozzB

    I wouldnt say a puppet. More like a product. People like her are the main reason why the music industry is so shitty. No talent. NONE at ALL. Just an average face with an average body, with less stomach-turning voice.


  18. SaraJanewiththeBane

    She wants to be on the level with Britney, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. It will never happen
    And this video sucks ass


  19. tell'em

    And the haters continue to speak when they aren’t heard. You’re not important in this Superstar’s life. Keep stanning for your flop a** artists.

    As for the vid, I liked that she made it dark and gritty like the song. Many cool looks. That Rihanna reign just won’t let up..


  20. SaraJanewiththeBane

    #CRAP! When does Alejandro come out?


  21. ItsOscarYO

    ROFL @ Laker Fan’s comment. Hilarious.

    I still don’t care for the song, but I like the video. Well, except for the Slash part. But the styling was impeccable. Especially the ritualistic segment where she’s in the center of the circled “R”. Awesome styling. Also, I kind of wish there was a little color. Nonetheless decent.


  22. LaMont

    WOW! Well done! This is a really good video! Rihanna keeps comin’ with great video after great video!


  23. Ciara4evaeva

    Luv The Song…But The Video Scares Me Lol

    But Luv Rihanna.


  24. Nicky



  25. Rhino

    No matter what she releases, it’ll be Top 10…However, the only time she reaches #1 is when she goes to lighter-hearted fare. (Her first #1 was SOS, and the only reason Pon de Replay never hit #1 was because of We Belong Together’s long reign…hard to believe that was only 5 years ago!)


  26. V.I.C. from 9ja

    Actually Riri’s best video made IMO, the only thing… Illuminati… the goat head helmet… Jesus Christ forgive us for our sins…


  27. jacq

    there’s the Illuminati comment we were looking for ladies & gents! smh


  28. susanna

    When will these haters get bored.I mean you dont like it fine, but why follow her every move and watch her videos just to hate.Its mind boggling.Anyway the video is hot and the song is hotter.Her tour has sold out every show to the idiots saying its not selling.And hopefully this song will go top ten like all the others.But I love the risks she’s taking with her music.


  29. jacq


    Thanx for sayin’ that because I was sooo confused how people said her shows weren’t selling when on Ticketmaster ALL but 3 locations are sold out! Haters, I tell yah….lol


  30. Kyle

    Wow, this is a hot video. She looked good as usual and I still love this song. But to this day there still seems to be something about Rihanna that makes me wanna scream “WANNABE.” I have bought all her albums and I like most of what she does, but she still seems semi-artificial. I just feel like she was pressured into acting/being a certain way. Regardless though, who can say she looks bad in this video?!


  31. Preach it girl

    Rihanna is preaching to the devil and its retarded. She is a industry product who doesn’t care for her fans, sorry to burst your bubble. She’s here because the industry needs her not cause she likes you delusional fools, sorry. Just look at her lately, she doesn’t care to put 110% into a performance, she’s just tired and don’t care at all.


  32. LiuX

    She should be stoned for this shit!
    Another shitty ass song from a shitty artist.


  33. BowChickaWahWah

    Father God, please forgive me for ever watching this sin named Rihanna and her flop video and song. Lord father I ask you to rebuke and shut her the hell up or either give her a voice so she can actually sing live. In Jesus name I pray, amen.


  34. Sade

    I love this video


  35. queen beyonce

    like riri but i hate it when she goes all rock n roll! dont like this song @ all


  36. cta

    hate it! every site hase this s….t!!!! enought allready !!!! enaught with this rihanna sh…t!!!


  37. UltraKid

    She’s dressed like Slash, cool.


  38. Ddd

    I was like..OMG one of her best videos with barker in it and featuring Slash?! cmon this sh*t is way cool to criticize >> Go RiRi :x keep on the rock`n `rolllll hahaa


  39. Ddd

    Oh yea…& I`m a RockStaaR !!


  40. Cathyhi5RiRiHD

    RiRi keeping with the theme of her Rated R album and its DARK N EDGY. Ace in the bag! SHE,S A ROCKSTAR, OH BABY OH BABY.


  41. P

    There should’ve been some color in it. Besides that, i liked the vid! & i agree with Cathyhi5RiRiHD. Rihanna should keep with the dark theme!!


  42. GangsterA

    Video =coll and dope
    song=wack and pure trash sorry


  43. Dizzle

    Looooooooooooooooooved it watch it 10 times already loool go RiRi <3


  44. keeta

    i liked the old rihanna this is just crap…


  45. Rhino


    FINALLY! Somebody agrees with me…I’m giving up my comments about these folk now…just wondering what they’re gonna tell God once they meet him at their deaths…


  46. jacq


    Soooooo….you mean to tell me that we’re going to Hell for watchin’ a Rihanna video? Well, what video will get us into Heaven since YOU seem to know. Is it that new Kelly Rowland? Or could it be a throwback Beyoncé?

    You sound nothin’ short of ridiculous.


  47. Rhino


    “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II” is the album I recommend.


  48. Mike

    Hmm..i wasn’t impressed. Honestly, all she did was pose and model in all these different outfits and lip-synch her music. She barely moved around (as usual), didn’t dance, and had absolutely no stage presence. Don’t get me wrong, she looked good but who wouldn’t when there decked out in all this crazy make-up and high fashioned clothes. I don’t see Rihanna’s reign lasting that much longer, it’ll last until people figure out she’s just a model with limited vocal skills.


  49. bijan

    this song sucks. she has no personality or creativity. everything about her that everyone love doesn’t come from her.

    kudos to melina for making more money!


  50. RealWrdsCHRYS

    i think the video was “kool” i mean it doesnt really work with the song..i pictured her being in the club rock’n out &shxt..but owell


  51. anonymous

    Hated iiiiiittttttt…


  52. RiRi-Lover

    Oh lord. You just don’t know what to think after looking this f*** hot video. Riri is the hottest and greatest singer/performer at this time. She has a great personallity and her sense of fashion is legendary. I love this chick!

    Riri du bist ne geile Braut!


  53. P

    @Laos; “EPIC FAIL”? F off Laos. That phrase is freakin’ ANNOYING!!!!!


  54. musicfan

    I like Rihanna and this song is my fave off the album but I don’t like this video. I only like the part when she dresses up as Slash.


  55. L0VEKING.

    Dope video.


  56. Rhino

    Last comment:

    (plays “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” and shakes head over how far she’s regressed since then)


  57. Sergio

    looks like DISTURBIA


  58. Better work

    Don t like it


  59. Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    Go Rih!!!


  60. 'TSK TSK''

    i love the song, the video was a typical rihanna video.. i just thought the stupid bit was her in tht circle with the R and tht head piece!.. didnt like the head piece.. shes not putting much effort into her music anymore.. =(


  61. wellppl

    Songs repetitive. If Slash himself had said he’s a rockstar we’d believe it. With Rihanna we know it’s not authentic. Video’ s bland it dull’s the senses.


  62. shawty

    this is mad WACK


  63. jessef

    i love it


  64. OoOShii

    here u have it RIRI! ur black guitar is rocking!!!

    That VID IS EPIC despite the fact that the Illuminati thing is controversial– but she does it again. die haterz.


  65. angela

    LOVED IT!!!


  66. Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    @Rhino you are really pathetic to 
    check for her so much since you 
    cant stand her.  And on top of 
    that you are bringing GOD into it.
    What are you going to tell GOD 
    when he ask why are you so 
    full of hate.   Get it together dummy


  67. LShea

    @jacq – You ain’t lyin’ (w/the first and following comments)! I’ve HAD IT with the Illuminati comparisons with any (black) popular artist. People don’t even really know what the Illuminati really are and probably just picked it up from somebody else.

    @BowChickaWahWah – …you know that by playing with praying you’d also be in trouble, right?


  68. hello

    Mediocre song, same ol same ol “trying to get a reaction” video, same ol wardrobe (or lack of it)…


  69. Marina

    не понравилось.Руд бой круче.


  70. @Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    I know you didn’t try to call someone pathetic cause you think they are hating on RiRi! You are the main one that be on other artist’s site here on Rap Up hating! Shut up, you are the real pathetic ass hater!


  71. Smile

    Rihanna is where she is now because of pity, point blank!


  72. True Blue

    Tries to be a rockstar, but has no talent to back it up. Nice. I’d still like to know what she did to get Jay-Z to sign her. He said she blew everyone away in the boardroom. Maybe “blowing” people is exactly what she did to attain her success.


  73. True Blue

    BTW, the song is actually nice, it’s just that the person singing it sucks. Give this track to Beyonce or Christina Aguilera, and they would’ve annihilated it. But Rihanna just ruins everything that is otherwise good.

    And she ruined my plans to dress as Slash this Halloween.


  74. bcoupin

    Watched the vid, rather confused??Reminded me of jay-z video on to the next one. I’ve been hearing lots of rumors but the first time I watched this video I was afraid…it looks evil I felt weird and I love rihanna, but my instincts tell me that something’s not good about these artist and what they promote idk….


  75. ponyo

    i love the video and it is my fav song…give me that upbeat feeling…but ri ri is going overboard with that demonic look


  76. Boriis

    No matter what you said the true is that Lady Gaga wont never blow away Rihanna because they’re not doing the same thing !!! When guys this thing’s gonna stay in ur head ?!
    They both do their own so stop criticizing what’s not !
    And I dont think that next Gaga’s video is gonna make everybody forget Rihanna’s one.. People said the same when “Telephone” came out then Rude Boy stayed stuck to the top so … “They can say whatever..”

    Btw, Great Video Rihanna ! ! Cant wait for Te Amo next week and even if Rihanna was satanic, what’s the deal ? You really think she’s going to bewitch you lmao .. You guy are so funny !


  77. Chris

    Im liking the song, but the video is a lil scary!

    i love Te amo video tho :)


  78. nashwan

    ilove rehana very very much



    Epic Fail Rihanna Go Back To The Good Old Days With Disturbia and Pon De Replay! E-pic Fail!


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