Ashanti Is Sexy in the City


Ashanti joined Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte for a girls’ night out at the premiere of Sex and the City 2 held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Monday (May 23). The single lady dazzled in a black jeweled dress and metallic blue nails, but she had her eye on Samantha’s earrings and bathing suit. “Wowsers!!!!! I gotta have it!” she tweeted.

Ashanti Ashanti

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  1. joshhh

    she looks great


  2. Roscoe

    why does she look bigger now. I mean what happen, I still enjoy her first album but other than that I don’t really listen to her music that much. I love her personality though, its so genuine. I wonder does she have a new album in the works?



    Just beautiful


  4. Lukas

    I LOOOOVE Ashanti! hope the new album comes out soon


  5. Rhino

    Y’all fellas are really giving the Midwest a bad name…Not to judge Nelly or anybody else, but what heterosexual man in his 30s would not be willing to settle down with such a fine woman as Ms. Shani Bani (especially when she’s the family-minded woman with that great personality and looks to match)? Kinda reminds me of when my fellow hometowner Eric Benet was married to Halle Berry and BLEW IT! (YGOS dudes?)

    And to all who would say she’s getting big, I don’t see anything wrong with that-I love the big girls! (MUCH better than any of ‘em anorexic ones you look up to)


  6. anthony

    Thats true she is the best in da game i must say. She Real and she always haVE been thick instead killin herself like those other stars in Hollywood And yes she do have a new album coming out this year she tweet Dr Dre and Game on it as far as i know right now.


  7. Mike

    She looks gorgeous. I can’t wait for next album, i can’t believe it’s almost been 2 years since “The Declaration”.


  8. GangsterA

    She looks hot cant wait 4 a new album her last one was the shit


  9. Brina

    Ashanti looks great n I can’t wait for the new album this year:)


  10. Lil' Nello

    Ashanti looks really great & beautiful here!


  11. the truth33

    ashanti looks nice and cant wait for her new album…


  12. luke

    U look gud ma!!! Can’t wait 4 da new album and hopefully a concert n da Atl!


  13. KennMaraj

    I LOVE Ashanti. . .She looking real good & I hope she successful in her new ablum. Can’t wait !


  14. angel

    DAM!! she luk guud!
    T.I needs 2 get wit her in tha studio ASAP!!


  15. Jeffery J-Boe

    My Baby Ashanti Looks Smoking Hott, and I Can’t Wait For Her Next Album To Come Out, I Know I’m Getting At Least Three(3) Copies… Ashanti For 2010. <3 <3 <3


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