New Music: Christina Aguilera – ‘Elastic Love’

Christina Aguilera and M.I.A.

The thought of a Christina Aguilera and M.I.A. collaboration intrigued us when we first heard about it last year. Although they don’t actually appear on the track together, M.I.A. is credited as a co-writer on Xtina’s “Elastic Love” off her new album Bionic (June 8). The electro-pop song recalls Major Lazer, which makes perfect sense since it was produced by one half of the duo, Switch.

In related news, Christina’s summer tour with Leona Lewis has been postponed until 2011 due to promotion for her album and commitments to her film Burlesque.

Download: Christina Aguilera – “Elastic Love”

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  1. Christopher Stallings

    Get The Bionic Album June 8, 2010


  2. DAGangsta

    Нахуй!!! Тупо ищи и скачивай! Кто ваще ща альбомы покупает? Альбомчег ниче. Покатит! Попса жеская, но под настроение катит. Здесь кроме ебанутых американцев, которые орут Ай Лов Ит над каждым высером, кто-то вообще сидит?


  3. janet

    Song is dope!


  4. Chilly

    Gwen Stefani – Bubble pop Electric anyone? I do think this could open her up to a very creative video treatment. Bring it Christina!


  5. MaZ

    One of my favorite on the album.


  6. ...

    one of the worst songs on the album, at least in my opinion. i get what she was going for, but it’s not clicking with me.


  7. JD

    It wont play for me :(


  8. Lisa

    Song is amazing! The entire album is actually.


  9. gab



  10. Dave

    I like it, not all that, but I like it. She seemed to really channel M.I.A. very good, I almost thought this was M.I.A.


  11. GangsterA

    I love it this and vanity are my jams best album since 2008 ….


  12. GangsterA

    I love it this and vanity are my jams best album since 2008 albums the fame and i am sasha fierce


  13. Brandon

    I am liking what I am hearing so far for this new album. Everything besides the first single has been madd dope!!


  14. tb1-20

    Definitely a grower!


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