Video: Jamie Foxx Interviews T.I.

Jamie Foxx assumes the role of journalist as he interviews T.I. in a four-part interview. In Part 1, the “Live in the Sky” collaborators touch on Tip’s prison sentence, the letters he received in jail, adjusting to life behind bars, his take on fiancée Tiny’s BET reality show, and whether he’s a changed man.

Watch Parts 2-4 below.

T.I. explains his album title King Uncaged, the non-gangster rappers (Kanye, Lupe, and Drake), and the dangers of being famous.

Jamie Foxx recalls meeting Tip for the first time and how he initially dissed him, later making up for it with a bottle of Dom Pérignon. Tip takes aim at the hateful people on the Internet who hide behind their computers and discusses his new single “Got Your Back.”

In the final part of the interview, the King shares his love for his kids (and Easter egg hunts), acting in his new movie Takers, Twitter (“I’m not a social networking type of guy. I’m old school”), the state of music, and where he sees himself 10 years from now. “I just hope to take advantage of my opportunities and reach my full potential,” he says.

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  1. nailaaah

    I LUV TI


  2. Darion

    I definitely give T.I. the utmost respect.


  3. sophia

    i luv ti with my heart…he iz soo fit and an excellent singer..if onli i had a chance with him insted ov dat whale tiny cottle….hands up i love ti and i hope t.i knwz it love u wiv my life ti…xxxx<3


  4. sophia

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  5. sophia

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  8. sophia

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  9. sophia

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  10. sophia

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  11. sophia

    ti iz fit


  12. jiyiuhjj

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