Video: Ludacris f/ Trey Songz – ‘Sex Room’


Ludacris and Trey Songz hit the jackpot with some fine females in Las Vegas. Luda plays a Hugh Hefner type, while Trey channels Teddy Pendergrass in the Chris Robinson-directed video for “Sex Room,” the third single from Battle of the Sexes. The sensual clip was shot at the Palms Casino Resort. As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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  1. ouchhh!

    umm hmmm trey baby.


  2. Dillon_68

    Lol @ the beginning and end. “I think it was sexy though” LMAO. Someone drew a mustache on her!

    But SEXY SEXY SEEXXXXY Video!! Sent chills down my spine. Luda and Trey are lucky bastards.


  3. Dizzle

    OMG they killed it whoop whoop #1 “luda n trey” song baby :)


  4. LaMont

    Nice video! I see my girl Shakur up in their!


  5. humberto

    the song is good, but what a boring video!


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    long ass video

    luda look like a fool with them glasses! lmao. Video was good wonder if they will ban this from BET too.


  7. GangsterA

    Nah dont like it i dont like the song either i think trey is really talented and everythimg but i dont like him 4 some reason any way i hope hey ho is the next single


  8. BowChickaWahWah

    Lol cool video and song.


  9. Meow

    Is trey songz wearing a turtle neck?! lmao


  10. Dominique

    i love Luda and Trey, its funny cuz i know for Sure BET will play this video out… but wont play Ciara’s Ride…. hmmmph!! LOL…. smh


  11. Kelly

    I Love Trey Songz…..He Is Sooooo Sexy


  12. bianca

    i really like this song in all but the video i think is kinda okay.i love Trey Songs&Ludacris


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