Video: Reba McEntire Covers Beyoncé

Reba McEntire and Beyoncé

Beyoncé is going country with some help from Reba McEntire. The country legend puts a Southern spin on Beyoncé’s hit “If I Were a Boy” for Country Music Television’s “Unplugged” series.

Nashville has embraced Beyoncé in the past. Country duo Sugarland performed “Irreplaceable” with Sasha Fierce at the 2007 American Music Awards.

Reba is not the only diva covering a Beyoncé song. Liza Minnelli gets down to “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” in the Sex and the City 2 movie. Listen to her showy version here.

Spotted at PEOPLE

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  1. tay1025

    She did good!! Fits her style better than Beyonces anyway!


  2. Dillon_68

    Reba KILLED it!


  3. An0thrNight272

    I Love Reba!


  4. tb1-20

    Wow! That was better than beyonce!


  5. khfjyf

    love reba!!!! but she didnt do it better then Beyonce. but i still love her version.


  6. Brandon

    I like the twang Reba put in it, but this version just doesn’t have enough power and soul that Beyoncé’s does. Beyoncé really owned this song and you could see the sincerity in Bey’s eyes whenever she sang it. Reba’s version reminds me of BC Jean’s version – they both have average voices.


  7. lame

    BEYONCE is soooooo fuckin legend ughh.


  8. BiBi

    That was better than Beyonce?
    You guys are funny.

    Reba did great, but she was NOT better then Beyonce.


  9. Mike

    Amazing! Reba always kills it.


  10. sly b.

    Fits Reba than it goes with . . Beyonce :|


  11. Blasian

    Beyonce is Legend so Many Stars singing her music that goes to show you what an Impact Beyonce is leaving on the world of Music Go Queen Beyonce The Best In the Game I know her New Album is going to be crazy!


  12. GangsterA

    She did good but she cant touch beyonce beys vocal go amazingly with the song and bring out the emotin and single ladies cover a mess


  13. Tarquin

    Reba McEntire has such a beautiful voice. She is a far better singer than Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce’s singing can be described as aggressive yelping; she has no music to her voice. However; Reba has such a euphonious voice; it is a real pleasure to listen to her singing.


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