Album Cover: Diddy-Dirty Money – ‘Last Train to Paris’

Last Train to Paris

Get your tickets. Diddy is boarding his Last Train to Paris and he’s filled it with some famous passengers including Jay-Z, Drake, T.I., Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Timberlake. The train pulls into the station on June 28.

The Dirty Money crew has a busy month ahead of them. Diddy, Dawn, and Kalenna have booked appearances on “Good Morning America” (6/4), MTV Movie Awards (6/6), “The Late Show with David Letterman” (6/16), and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on June 29 and 30.

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  1. PDCross

    that shit is wack…lol


  2. humberto

    different, iconic, I like it (:


  3. will

    WTF. This is wackkkk. Would have been better if they were all in the photo at a train station or something with luggage, now that would have been fire.


  4. VLB

    I could walk to the train station and take that pic myself


  5. Joyams

    He’s puttin fireworks and helicopter in his video and he can’t pay for a good cover.


  6. UltraKid

    This album cover seems very Indie and well better than the album cover for Thank Me Later.


  7. Maravish95

    Ahhh nooooooooooo. this shit is wack.
    @Joyams i agree with you and @VLB i could
    have donde the same thing too…


  8. Architect

    This shit has got the original essence of hip-hop. Hip-hop ain’t about taking pictures of yourself or how much cash you have. Hip-hop is about Life, everday life. This is dope. If you think it’s wack just stick to your boosie, Gucci, Khaled and don’t judge if you are artistically Ignorant. This is the truth.


  9. JD



  10. UltraKid

    I like Architect’s view on the album cover but it’s not Hip Hop it’s R & B. You should have used the term music instead of Hip Hop.


  11. mike

    i agree, the cover is really indie and nothing you can compare to
    i’m sick and tired of people trying to show off as much money as they can, like the rest of us cared about it!!!!
    this is the kind of cover that can make an album iconic


  12. Kyle

    Not every album cover has to be over the top and glamorous. I think it will probably suit the theme of the album.


  13. Jeff

    I like this! It is really different and I think will definitely stand out. Diddy’s got some great stuff going on, Diddy Beats launches today , and then Get Him to the Greek looks hilarious. Can’t wait for that June 4th


  14. ArtnSoul

    As a graphic designer i think it’s awfull!


  15. ...

    if you think anything diddy touches contains the original essence of hip hop, then you’re a dumbass.


  16. MichaelRaymond

    I like what I’ve heard from the album thus far, the cover is differrent, subtle, and trying to focus on the sound (ryan leslie did that with his first project). I wonder what Puff was going for here, unless this is a prank. Let’s see what get him to the greek has first, then I’ll make judgement


  17. Creat1ve

    @ArtnSoul I’m completely with you on this one. I’m a graphic designer as well, and most of my work is album covers. This looks like it only took around 2 mins. in photoshop to make honestly. Like a few other people said, it would’ve made a good album cover if we saw the group going to aboard a train with luggage. Artists now a days though don’t care about album covers anymore, when the truth of the matter is, if someone was at a store and they didn’t know one thing about your music, the album cover could pull them in.


  18. Juno

    Architect is damn right! Though I wouldn’t classify this album as Hip Hop.

    I’d rather have this than a overbrushed fake lotta make up bling bling and shit cover or shitty cover like Drake’s (worst than Master P’s entire CD covers combined).

    It’s just a damn album cover anyway.


  19. bijan

    this album is going to be gooooood


  20. DAWN/DIRTY $$$ FAN

    I like the cover, in that it was shot in a train station, but I don’t think it gets the message across…

    The red letters in the top left corner take away from the artistic nature of the cover. I do not understand why they are in the shot…?

    There is also something else missing! I cannot quite put my finger on it though!

    Hopefully, this is just an option & NOT the official cover…!


  21. Harvey



  22. Nygma

    I think that the idea of having the 3 members boarding a train would have been far too obvious, easy, and contrived. I mean while this is sort of out of focus, that’s what I like about it, it reminds me of the “less than perfect” album covers from the 70′s and early 80′s. From what I’ve heard thus far, the album is going to bang, and let’s be honest, this isn’t his first outting so he’s not counting on the cover to sell the record.


  23. GangsterA

    A mess


  24. sly b.



  25. Britt_

    Why yall so mad? It’s just a album cover. LOL Get over it. Like Diddy cares if you like it or not. Having them standing in a train station wit some bags is sooo typical its not even funny. I’m not saying it’s the BEST album cover…but think outside the box for once.


  26. Jack

    It’s not like you’ll be staring at the album cover the whole time. Don’t judge a book by its cover.


  27. AK




  28. the lovelorn's pistol.

    It’s organic, authentic, and soulful.
    It’s retro, iconic, glam.
    It’s rebellious, revolutionary, narrative.
    It evidently provokes dialogue, and prompts the viewer to draw their conclusion.
    People will look at it, and ponder “what’s the story behind it?” YOU’LL HAVE TO LISTEN, AND FIND OUT!
    It’s clear they intend to focus on the story, thus they didn’t opt for the cheesy-artifical-narcissistic-pseudo-sculpted-from-perfection cover.



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