Diddy and Dr. Dre Launch Diddybeats

Dr. Dre and Diddy

Diddy teamed up with Dr. Dre to introduce his new Diddybeats in-ear heaphones at Best Buy in New York’s Union Square on Wednesday (May 26). The music impresario joins his Interscope labelmates Dre and Lady Gaga as artists with their own Beats-branded products.

“This is definitely a historical day, myself and Dre teaming up to do something,” stated Diddy. “What you see is two brothers working together.”

Watch their in-store appearance below.

Video via Chip Chick

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  1. Ghetto Fab

    Instead of helping Diddy launch those headphones how about Dr. Dre takes his ass back into the studio and finish that album he’s been promosing his fans FOR YEARS!


  2. JohnRedmond

    I went, the guy who created monster cable is funny, he rides around on a seg-way. Puff talked about everything: the headphones, ciroc, get him to the greek, lttp. Pretty standard event but cooler


  3. OctobersOwn

    One more thing that proves that they are all devil worshipers . I pray that all of them turn back to JESUS CHRIST .


  4. DivaGirl

    diddy beats are cool, I hope to get a pair soon. I’m also looking forward to seeing get him to the greek


  5. Kyle Knann

    @gheto fab, yo bro I agree with what ur saying but it’s gonna come out, no worries. Planning is everything, puff knows that – movie, album and then what comes after is a plan


  6. Sefate John

    There’ll never be another like Diddy, ya’ll wait up and watch what he’s gonna do for Interscope.

    Him and Dre teaming up is the greatest idea ever and I think they should take it in the studio


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