Video: Trey Songz f/ Keri Hilson – ‘Yo Side of the Bed’

Keri Hilson and Trey Songz

Trey Songz is known for his provocative videos and now he tugs at your heartstrings in the tear-jerking clip for “Yo Side of the Bed.” Trey must take care of his family when his lover, played by Keri Hilson, is called to duty. Emotions run high as director Yolande Geralds keeps us wondering if she’ll make it home.

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  1. tay1025

    Dope video!! Sad dat da bird had to go down tho!!


  2. BowChickaWahWah

    Wow. I almost cried.


  3. Stuyridah

    im amazed they did their thing im so proud of trey and keri this will touch alot of thos families who go through this on a regular basis. much love


  4. LiuX

    This made me cry!


  5. BV

    wow this video is AMAZING.


  6. BV



  7. Fool08

    i don’t mean no harm but Keri looks much older than him 2 me in this video


  8. Phoenix_Wright

    Great video

    but Trey @ the end? O_o…should of kept the damn music playing LOL.


  9. coely

    uuuuf trey with his daily sexy swag pulled that last scene …. didnt expec that wooow


  10. bass_man


    lol phoenix, i know.


  11. jessef

    keri should start acting… she actually good


  12. jcu13

    i love the vid but sad that it had to end that way but i guess that’s the thing about life and being married to someone or having a loved one in the war…things are unexpected!!!


  13. will

    @jessef Agreed. Keri Hilson can act and i can definately see her being in movies in the near future. Stans be hating on her but her talent will prevail in the end while the haters just talk behind there keyboards.


  14. Ciara4evaeva

    Wow that was a good video but how dey kill keri like that smh…btw y didnt trey sing @ all n the video…but i like how the video had a story so far dis video and Drake video find your love r videos that r like movies


  15. oic

    shut up tay1025


  16. Javier

    So beautiful amazing video trey if your reading this!!


  17. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    Wow!!! very touching …


  18. amy

    when he cried-i cried.


  19. Lil' Nello

    Very touching & dope video from Trey! Keri played her part perfect to & I could really see her possibly being a good actress some day if she eventually wanted to get into that!


  20. newii_babbiii

    Trey songz and keri Hilson should be a couple in the vid i actually though that they are married love you Trey Songz they child look so dammm cute awwwwwww
    hot damm he make me wanna scream like a summer jam


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