Dr. Dre Gives ETA on ‘Detox’

Dr. Dre

Will we be able to get our hands on Detox this year? Dr. Dre provided the latest update on when his long-delayed opus will finally arrive in stores.

“The song with Jay-Z should be out next month. We’ll see how that goes,” the Doc told Terrence and Rocsi on Wednesday’s “106 & Park.” The first single, “Under Pressure,” features Jay-Z and production from Scott Storch.

As for the album, Dre gave us a reason to want a short summer. “Hopefully at the beginning of fall,” he revealed.

Storch recently told DJ Skee that the project is about three records away from completion. “I feel like I’m proud of it and here it is. It’s coming,” added Dre.

The rap icon was in New York this week promoting Diddybeats headphones, his collaboration with Sean “Diddy” Combs and Monster Cable.

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  1. Rhino

    At this point, if Detox doesn’t cure cancer, bring world peace, find a solution to global warming, and ensure every nation’s freedom, I’m going to be disappointed…


  2. Kaz

    I dont wanna care about the damn detox album anymore….hes overhyped it and has not released it …if he releases it wont change my world ..if he doesnt it still wont …FUCK IT


  3. Love All Music



  4. Professor

    On this photo, Dre looks as if he was T.I.’s father ;]
    Now what’s about the album: I really hope this is going to be at least 2001 quality and I would love to hear Ice Cube on one of his tracks. Hopefully its not going to be some shit like ‘i gonna kill ya all!’ as on 50cents and eminems albums (Re-up or Curtis), because its good, however I’m rather expecting more tracks like Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It (by Cube, in case someone never heard about it xD)


  5. slick rick the ruler

    haters! detox will bring real rap back.. hopefully this new bullshit dance/disco rap craze will die..


  6. Pinoy

    Detox baby!!!


  7. ugh

    Dre should read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” so he at least knows that nobody believes him and his album will flop. This album better be some 3disc set with a ton of extras and a cure for cancer because the wait has to be worth the final product.


  8. Chris

    Chronic 2001 was and will always be a classic to me. Detox is gonna be hot I’m sure of that. How hot, only time will tell.


  9. Martin Pauer

    dr dre is a fag, that cannot do shit after 2001… he is overrated, and i was looking forward to this album since 2006, but its still and never will come out


  10. Phoenix_Wright

    LMAO @ Rhino so true.

    I don’t really when it comes out, but if it takes this long then it just better b worth the wait for his fans.


  11. Juno

    Overhyped. I bet everyone will be disappointed when it comes out.


  12. Gaz2010

    I’ll believe it when I see it


  13. bob

    i dont know what has taken ten years he doesnt even write the rhymes hes gona be spittin on the tracks..hes a good producer and a legend but id rather him stick to producing if he isnt going to write his own rhymes.


  14. Harry from the Burn

    Every day for the past 8 years I have searched Dr. dre or detox on google and hit the news button. Every goddamn day.


  15. kayvan

    you people forgot dayz when he and his homies dominated music. he will do it again.


  16. miles

    only reason everyone is so pissed off with Dre is cos they luv his music.. and they cant wait to buy that album..

    But for real tho.. f@#@ dre for keepin us waiting 9 years..


  17. Playa

    Dre fell off about 5-6 years ago. No one even cares if this album comes out or not. The rap game has moved on and Dre is yesterday’s news.


  18. N

    Dr. Dre would have to be completely aware that despite his meticulous efforts, there will inevitably be a reasonable amount of people that claim to be let-down when they do eventually hear this record. Having said that, there will be just as many that will claim it to be his best work. Hopefully Interscope aren’t pushing him in any sort of direction so it makes them some money, their influence would just ruin it. Glad to see Scott back on his feet again. Best wishes to both of them.


  19. N

    Make sure everyone buys a copy of this record when it does come out. Stop using P2P. The artists, producers and session musicians have been working hard on this for years, they deserve to get paid.

    Aftermath/Interscope, if you’re reading this: Please release an instrumental version of it as you did with 2001.


  20. Fred

    Have some f***ing faith. “The rap game has moved on” is some serious bullsh*t. Simply ’cause it hasn’t. It’s become dull, stupid and girly. When Dre released the 2001 album it blew everything away. And even back then he was supposed to be “yesterday’s news”. But he wasn’t. I don’t know about you but I cannot – seriously – name 5 hip hop albums released after 2001 that have been superior to “Chronic 2001″. Dr Dre IS hip hop. Detox will set things straight. You’ll se.


  21. Christopher

    I am not holding my breath for the fall release. It seems like every six months you hear that it is almost done and coming out six months from now. I almost wonder if Dr. Dre is just f***ing with everybody. He is rich enough now that he never needs to work again.

    For those who say he is no longer relevant or that he “fell off” you are insane. He produces so much music for so many other people. If he does one verse in another person’s song, it goes off the charts. He is not the greatest rapper of all time (2PAC), plenty of other rappers have more talent(EMINEM); but, Dr. Dre has become the Godfather of Rap.


  22. Andre

    This is exactly 1997. All of you. Everything is the same. Everybody says the same things. Need I remind you somethin?

    Nigga we started this gangsta shit.
    And this the motherfucking thanks I get?
    It’s funny how time fly,
    I’m just having fun, just watching it fly by.


  23. jay

    this album can go to hell. ten years aint worth waiting for this shit.


  24. dr dre sucks

    fok dre and fok detox, he can shove the album in his ass when he decide to release it


  25. Hanz

    Where do I get this song??

    1st single released but not in stores yet


  26. clay

    man you guys gotta calm down. hes got a lot of people to produce for and making an album takes time even without extra producing work. this man changed rap forever with the chronic and did it again with 2001. everyones saying he fell off and shit and you all sound like the haters before they got blown out of the water by the chronic 2001. Dr. Dre, Eminem, and 50 cent are the last good rappers still making good music so layoff haters.
    west west

    yall know me still the same OG
    but i been lowkey
    hated on by most these niggaz with no cheese
    no deals and no Gs


  27. D.R.E

    L.a Niggaz Rule the World…


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