Lil Jon x Miley Cyrus in the Studio… WHAT?!

Lil Jon has worked with music’s biggest stars including Usher, Ciara, and Snoop Dogg, but his latest collaboration may be his strangest yet.

The King of Crunk gets crunk with 17-year-old pop star Miley Cyrus on the upcoming RockAngeles remix of her hit “Can’t be Tamed.”

Check out these videos of the unlikely pair in and out of the studio. “I think everybody’s gonna really enjoy the song,” shared Jon. And you can bet it will feature plenty of his signature ad-libs. YEAH!

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  1. Kevin

    Awkward hug? L.O.L.


  2. mike

    u know what? i think lil’jon could make some real crunk songs with miley


  3. mad

    haha tha hug was mad awkward, he gave her dab at first than he was like wait u dont give dab to a girl especially a white girl lol


  4. Alicias a Beauty

    Lil Jon she knows but who Jay-Z is, she has no idea`?
    spoiled brat!!!


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