Video: Lil Wayne – ‘Da Da Da’

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne causes a scene when he ambushes the rooftop of Miami’s Marlin Hotel with rock band ¡Mayday! in the guerilla-style video for “Da Da Da,” one of four new videos from Rebirth premiering this Memorial Day weekend. See past Weezy’s shades below.

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  1. Deven

    Im Glad this was live and not Green Screened!


  2. lolollmfaolmfaolol


    LIVE music video. A Milli 2.0


  3. sashaj

    this was very needed!


  4. BV

    FREE WEEZY!!!!


  5. #FreeWeezy

    Backstroke, backstroke, like Michael Phelps with my backstroke
    Break her off till her back broke, I leave her numb like crack-coke
    Then I get to the money, Monday through Sunday
    Ain’t she sweet like Honey Dew honey
    Menage A, watch Honey do Honey and then they do me and I’m glad they done it. #FreeWeezy


  6. joe

    luvv this videoooooo !!!!!!!!
    he really came thru and its similar to a milli ;)


  7. Cassive

    I’m a Lil Wayne fan but this song ain’t the one, he should’a released Paradise!


  8. GangsterA

    I like


  9. thiva

    gr8 video, i lv thiz


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