Album Cover: M.I.A. – ‘/\/\/\Y/\’


Damn those pesky pop-up windows. YouTube takes over M.I.A.’s cover artwork for her third album /\/\/\Y/\ (pronounced Maya). The Internet-inspired record, due July 13, has already garnered a 4.5 out of 5 review from SPIN magazine.

M.I.A. will showcase some of her new material at the HARD Summer Music Festival in L.A. on July 17 and New York on July 24.

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  1. Dave

    Wow, this is different


  2. Dizzle

    Lol she is wierd !!!


  3. mike

    absolutely TRASH


  4. Trey

    Alright, she’s just taking this “artistic” thing too far. She trashes Gaga, but then is try to be like her. And then she calls her inappropriate video more fit to watch than Justin Bieber’s.
    No…just stop.


  5. Rhino

    As we all learned from Charles Hamilton’s stint in the spotlight, there’s eclectic and then there’s just-weird.

    This is the latter.


  6. mesouth

    don’t y’all have nothing to do that comparing her to gaga? why do u have to compare somebody to somebody else? that’s immature and fanatic.

    btw, cover is brilliant!


  7. UltraKid

    You do realize M.I.A came out long before Gaga did and if anybody is biting off of someone is Gaga—Remember when Gaga did the chorus for Wale’s “Chillen” which sounded alot like “Paper Planes”. I don’t think alot of youngsters know that Gaga is not the first creative artist. Kanye, M.I.A., and alot Indie artist dressed creatively and made way more fresh artist music long before Gaga. Even before M.I.A there was Madonna, Michael Jackson, Freddy Murcury, David Bowie and alot Glam Rock artists who did things similar to Gaga.

    Gaga’s music itself is nothing fresh or original. It’s the same generic Pop we been hearing for awhile—If you want to hear something new and creative then go listen to M.I.A., Santigold or Kanye.


  8. JanetFan

    The Cover is terrible, looks like 5 year old put it together

    Not to mention she is SO badly copying Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Album Cover.

    Which was Epic, artistic, and showed only his two eyes


  9. Kyle

    I like it. M.I.A’s covers are never really that professional looking.


  10. amyy



  11. red

    what an ugly azz cover, i like her though


  12. Baller82

    is that youtube player sub-bars?? this is weird as hell!


  13. GangsterA

    Love it weird yes but still amazing


  14. nemo

    weird but very artistic. people should appreciate this


  15. cc

    why are you trying to say she’s copying Lady Gaga? it’s so freaking annoying, M.I.A. was doing her thing WAY before Lady Gaga first released anything. & she’s always designed her album herself to match to a political statement. this is one is no different and if you don’t like it you really think anyone cares? M.I.A. looks at reality, in the same way Wilfred Own rejects Romanticism she rejects idealism.


  16. cc



  17. tell'em

    I’d like it if they brought her face to the forefront of the pic. Its to confusing the way it is and the average person is not going to know who it is.


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  19. Discouraged

    The fact that the majority of comments on this board simply write off the album cover as “weird” or “ugly” is a sad example of the intelligence of the average contemporary consumer. There is so much substance to this cover…the youtube bars that not only reference the way the internet has overtaken artists with the present age, but also her own battles with the website regarding the “Born Free” video (demonstrated with the way they eclipse her face). The gold bars that make up her name make a great comment about commerce taking over the once free public arena of the internet. No wonder so much terrible music is popular when most people are too stupid to appreciate the true artists.


  20. Luana

    You really can’t look at award shows and say dirsteivy is dead. You are again only considering what is being thrown at you, the other day I was listening to a Brazilian artist and the song itself was so gripping. You have music all over the world in all cultures with sounds that are so different and interesting you just have to look for it. Same for movies maybe even more so, mainstream is it’s own thing and it works for what it’s set out to do but there are other things.


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