Gym Class Heroes Dig Deeper on New Album

Gym Class Heroes

Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie McCoy may be going solo, but he hasn’t forgotten about the band.

The foursome is prepping a new studio album for release “sometime next year,” Travie tells “We’ve been working on it. I think the next Gym Class album is going to be a lot more introspective and personal. It’s like four dudes in a room just vibing off each other and it’s just deeper.” The group’s last album The Quilt was released in 2008.

But before he gets serious, Travie will let loose with his feel-good solo album Lazarus, due just in time for summer on June 8. “[Lazarus] is actually going to be more fun. I didn’t want to put too much of my personal life in there. It’s more of a lighthearted, laid-back kind of album from start to finish,” he explained. “At this point in my life, I’m much happier than I was going into this album. There were a couple of songs that I scrapped because I felt that they brought the record down. I wanted to keep it upbeat and keep everybody smiling.”

Travie has already put a smile on listeners’ faces with his hit single “Billionaire” featuring Bruno Mars. A follow-up single “We’ll Be Alright” is available on iTunes, while a mixtape, Forgetting Katy Perry, is on the way.

–Reporting by Rajul Punjabi

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