Sneak Peek: Lady Gaga – ‘Alejandro’

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga teases her little monsters with a 19-second preview of her video for “Alejandro” directed by photographer Steven Klein. The pop juggernaut described the black-and-white clip to Larry King as a “celebration of the gay community.” The full video is set to premiere Monday, June 7.

Gaga also told King that her new album will not be out this Christmas as originally planned. The project has been pushed to 2011 so she can give it the necessary promotion once she’s done with her “Monster Ball” tour.

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  1. geishagirl

    Looks like Madonna “Vogue”.


  2. Soul Sista

    Cant wait to see this video… this looks HOT!!!!


  3. Will

    This is on some Michael Jackson level. Damn


  4. SL



  5. elchica

    I predict 180 millions views the first day or some crazy number. Seems interesting i guess you can say, makes me wanna see what it’s about so it served its purpose!


  6. bijan

    I think it’s funny each time she takes a song that really is not unique or anything out of the ordinary, and transforms it into a movie


  7. g3

    wow looks gudd i hate the song tho


  8. EveryYearIsCiaras

    OMG, other artists need to take notes promo wise from lady gag, i mean everything is on schedule for her. She knows how to demand good videos from directors, she has tours, and all her singles have gone to the top ten on the Hot 100. Who’s her manager?


  9. ed

    After watching Vogue, they don’t really look anything alike to me. Do you people think all black and white videos look the same?


  10. hausofG

    This one is gonna be EPIC! for sure! It’s so different from everything she has done before.


  11. Kevin

    Alright maybe it doesn’t look like “Vogue” per se. But she is most definitely giving off a strong Madonna-circa-early-9o’s vibe. Everyone who is a fan of Gaga should do themselves a favor and watch the Madonna documentary “Truth Or Dare” and you’ll see just how much Madonna has influenced Gaga; whether she admits it or not.


  12. Ghetto Fab

    This is looking very Madonna/Janet Jackson. Very late 80s early 90s. She knows exactly what influences to draw and they seem to be working right for her.


  13. Joyams

    this is gonna be epic, as always. but why is she the only one in the industry able to make so really good videos?


  14. Tonya

    You know I’ve always been a borderline Gaga fan, but after seeing the larry king interview I’ve got more respect for her. She’s pretty intelligent and she does not shy away from speaking her mind. Also she admits that she draws influence from the greats (which music artist doesn’t). Plus she gets that Pop music, should never take itself too seriously.


  15. boo boo

    no lie, it looks a little like “vogue”
    lets wait until the vid


  16. GangsterA



  17. followalejandro

    she’s wearing pants!


  18. amy


    i said that too!
    its a miracle!lmao


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