Tracklisting: The-Dream – ‘Love King’


Is the third time the charm for The-Dream? The singer-songwriter, who has contemplated retirement, reveals the tracklisting for his third and possibly last album Love King (June 29), which includes an appearance from T.I. and the sequel to “Nikki” from his debut. Peep the 12 tracks below per Def Jam.

1. “Love King”
2. “Make Up Bag” feat. T.I.
3. “F.I.L.A. (Fall in Love Again)”
4. “Sex Intelligent”
5. “Sex Intelligent (Remix)”
6. “Yamaha”
7. “Nikki Part 2”
8. “Abyss”
9. “Panties to the Side”
10. “Turnt Out”
11. “February Love”
12. “Florida University”

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  1. Frenchy1011

    No Love King remix with Luda? that songs sick!!


  2. mike

    hmmm is anybody interested in another Dream album?
    his music starts to sound so dated


  3. sashaj

    his music is dated..I haven’t heard one song from the album that sounds remotely different from his other albums which were pretty good in my opinion but the new music is lacking the catchiness and pleasant sound present before in his music…It sounds tired, forced and Im not really looking to peep this album….BUT I must say this is a NICE album cover I really like it!


  4. Dillon_68

    I’mma be the first one to cop this. ;)


  5. cosmolitetz



  6. dixon

    u havin a laugh?! f.i.l.a, make up bag and sex intelligent are all brilliant, so catchy, yes samey but thats how he makes his music, either your a fan or your not, he has produced 2 very good solid albums and from what i’ve heard this one will be be even better, one of the most underrated artists in the game right now…


  7. gazelle

    so the album has one song with T.I? he wont appear on FILA or Sex Intelligent? Also what is the remix about! Woooo this is gonna be huge!


  8. EveryYearIsCiaras

    I like the dream ad I really hope this sells. I love “Love King”, “Make Up Bag”, and “Sex Intelligent”.

    However, he is underated:
    “Love King” peaked at 92 on the Hot 100 and only reached 26 on R&B. It is currently at 47 on R&B so it isn’t going to ignite it.
    “Make Up Bag” peaked at 73 on R&B, but it fell to 77 this week. I hope it climbs, but its failing right now.
    Lets hope “Sex Intelligent” and “F.I.L.A.” do it.


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