Video: The-Dream f/ T.I. – ‘Make Up Bag’

T.I. and The-Dream

The key to a woman’s heart is through her “Make Up Bag,” according to The-Dream. Terius Nash plays Claxton Black in the video for his second single, co-starring Selita Ebanks as Chanel, Jason Weaver as M.T. Pockets., and T.I. as himself. When things get rough, the dapper duo drops five stacks on the designer accessory—Louis, Prada, Hermes, or Fendi. Take your pick.

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  1. DIllon_68

    BADA** VIDEO!!!!


  2. MClamb

    love the concept of this video. so sad the-dream is getting shut down. though ladies let’s not fools our selves …pshh you think a make up bag fixes us .NAH only the sluts maybe haha


  3. Timi

    Selita is very beautiful! Nice video))


  4. sagb

    the video is good..the song is growing on me


  5. magic boy

    they kill the recoerd with sweet murder man,


  6. Geoff

    If you can’t appreciate this, then get the fuck outta here and go listen to Gucci or some other retarded bullshit. This is some real R&B shit right here!


  7. nifrance

    i love this song !!!!! the-dream is my favorite singer !!!! is the BEST !


  8. Star

    T.I. killes it like always, King Back


  9. greg

    lol what is jason weaver doing in this video? #RANDOM. i do like him tho…


  10. Jack

    sick video!


  11. thatruth

    T.I is everywhere killing it right now! KING is BACK!!


  12. tell'em

    LOL, just like Christina Millian, Nick Cannon already had Selita too.

    Nice song and vid. I didn’t listen to this originally because I’m not feeling the other song they have together but this bangs.


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