Chris Brown Parties with Lil Jon, Gucci Mane

Lil Jon and Chris Brown

Chris Brown got it crunk with Lil Jon while partying at Greenhouse in New York City on Tuesday (June 2). The singer traded in his designer outfit from the Givenchy event earlier in the evening and let loose with Gucci Mane, DJ Drama, and even some U.S. troops, who were in town for Fleet Week.

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  1. victor

    I loooooove Chriss Brown *___*


  2. jiji

    i love you chris.keep it up boy


  3. kery

    soooo sexy.go breezyyyyyy


  4. mari



  5. neeni

    he looks so you chris brown


  6. ANgry Fan

    lol @ these stupid girls who think with their pu*** posting comments like “so sexyyy” or “i love you”.

    Keep on praising a woman beater girls, that’s a good look for women.


  7. kimZy

    Angry fan u’r right


  8. jujubee

    @ ANgry Fan…ur def right…whenever a post of him comes on the only things these thirsty girls can say is “so sexyy”…because that’s the only thing positive about him


  9. CJ

    And the only thing some can say is the ‘woman beater’ thing. Move on, Rihanna has and none of us were there so y some ppl still go on about it, I don’t kno. There is something else we can talk about and that is his music like it or not but that is why he is famous in the first place.


  10. Happy

    Great to see chris out haven fun,he is lookin even more yummy as he gets older!!!<3


  11. kimZy

    true he mades good sounds like no bullshit or say good bye and i remember run it. Anyway he’s brilliant


  12. Paige

    @ Angry Fan haven’t yo mama ever told you if you aint got nothing nice to say then don’t say nothing at all??? Leave Chris Brown alone..please and thank you(:


  13. Tonya

    i’m sorry but Chris looks like a douchebag in all these pictures, why he trying to act like a gangsta? He’s such a poser.


  14. Guap Girl Luccy ; *

    Shoutout To Brick Squad 1017 ; *
    iSwear To God On Jesus Crist I Dont Fcking Hear ‘ Em – F L O C K A ! *


  15. Really

    CB is so lame now. LOL


  16. ...

    co-sign AngryFan

    chris brown doesn’t want y’all
    let it go


  17. LOL



  18. char char

    he is just too cute


  19. Monroe


    That’s fine, I don’t want him either, cute as he is.

    I find the “haters” spend more time talking about him than his fans do. Additionally, they display the same ignorance that they claim to hate him for. Ironic.

    Anyways, these pictures are unflattering, boooo. Chris is a cute kid, no doubt about it, but he’s got a SERIOUS brow bone going on & the angle of his head creates shadows and hide his eyes. Boooo, lol. I like his eyes.


  20. funny how

    @ Monroe, I totally agree with you, I don’t want him either, but I think he is a good looking young man and very talented. Just because someone says they love him or think he is cute does not mean they want him, and if they do, so what. He is just chilling and having a good time, not trying to be a poser @ Tonya and Really, nothing wrong with that, yall spend so much time hating on him, I guess yall have forgotten how to do so. Yes, it is ironic, all they can seem to come up with is woman beater, with all the hate they display, you would think it would be so much more to hate him for. I think it pisses them off Chris is moving on, and all they do all day is hate, a job that requires no benefits what so ever.


  21. arie

    I tnink he’s cote also, so what, I also think he is talented. You haters are checking for breezy more than his fans. I bet you all are on Rap Up every hour on the hour every day, just waiting for some news about him. You all are some pathetic souls, the haters are.


  22. ponyo

    i always thought there was something funny about chris brown when he just came out something just didn’t sit right in my stomach with this kid…..asa i accepted him…..he goes on and pounds riri in the face….ok…..i could understand one time ….but he did it constantley….ok he blacked out……i wished that he would take a break somewhere and think about wht he did….i don’t feel as if he is sorry …thats why i won’t buy his music…because i don’t feel like he feels he did anything wrong…


  23. ponyo

    its easy to forgive him but we will never forget….he grew up to fast with the lack of responsibility…


  24. America's Sweetheart

    @ ponyo, see this is what gets me about haters, they hate, but they don’t always get their facts straight. That did happen one time, but RiRi hit him on numerous times, even that night, not only did she slap him, but she hit him with the heel of her shoe, oh but that’s ok. He knows he did something wrong, he apologized many of times, its called moving on. I think that is what you haters don”t like, is the fact that he is moving on, and yes he is paying for what he did. The problem is not Chris, its you haters, move the hell on!


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