Drake Responds to His Album Leak


While most artists are upset when their music leaks prior to its intended release date, Drake has taken a different approach to his recently leaked album.

The rapper’s debut effort Thank Me Later hit the Internet late Tuesday, two weeks before its June 15 release date. But instead of lamenting about its appearance online, Drake addressed the leaks by tweeting, “I gave away free music for years so we’re good over here…just allow it to be the soundtrack to your summer and ENJOY! JUNE 15th!”

He previously told Entertainment Weekly that his intention was not to top the charts with the album. “I didn’t make this album for commercial purposes. A lot of the verses are extremely long. I just made it to share with people. I hope they can enjoy,” he said.

Leaks aren’t always bad news. Just ask his Young Money boss Lil Wayne, whose album Tha Carter III sold over one million copies in its first week, boosted by his Internet popularity.

Drake Tweet

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  1. The Prophet Blog


    Can’t wait to buy it.

    Drake, Kid Cudi, Charles Hamilton, Wale <3


  2. bws

    the album is great. I will still buy the album itunes and hard copy to support Drake!!


  3. Soul Sista

    Glad to see that he is in good sprits.. He seem very confident in his work, which is good. I hope people support him on June 15th, Thank him later!


  4. UltraKid

    @The Prophet Blog,
    Good taste. You forget J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco, The Cool Kids, and B.o.B.


  5. Mitch 3k

    Drake grew up rich, its not like he really needs the money anyway, I’m sure between his Dad’s bank account and whatever he got paid for Degrassi he’s straight, lol



    Everybody’s album leaks!


  7. Dillon_68

    I admit, I copped it this morning, and its CRAZY! But I will also be sure to PURCHASE it. You may not mind if it leaked, but your true fans would want to repay you for your hard work by buying it. ;)


  8. Pablo


    You are right, it is crazy! I will purchase it too, the problem is that most of the people knowing it leaked will just download it. :-(


  9. kuku

    it’ll leak anyway…whether it’s before or after the release

    it’s a bad thing if it leaks two months before release…like ciara’s fantasy ride…
    but a couple of days…dont think it makes a big difference

    if people want to buy it, they do it…if they dont and just want to download it, they wait till 3 days after its release and download it…


  10. BV

    DRIZZY!!!!! i got his album last night , but yea its good enough im still gonna buy it, just to buy it. DRAKE is the shit everything about him.


  11. sashaj

    THIS ALBUM WAS SO GOOD….im gonna wait and buy it before getting into it too much its amazing


  12. ts5000

    his album is dope
    i haven’t heard anybody say its wack yet


  13. ...

    props to him for being cool about it
    i expected him to bitch and moan like everybody else does when their stuff leaks


  14. AHH

    Kid Cudi was cool when his album leaked too. Thank Me Later will be gettin purchased by me!!


  15. mississiy



  16. Jack

    not a bad album!


  17. webSWAG.biz by The AmeRican Kid

    What a good sport:)


  18. Justin Poindexter

    ….R&B bullshit… no beats… no flow.. now nothin.. man… albums im plannin on buyin… ice cube i am the west, detox dr dre (If it actually gets released), 50 Cent black magic, maybe lloyd banks hfm2… idk.. hmm.. what else?… idk.. was plannin on pickin up recovery until i saw the tracklist..


  19. dj

    It’s a pretty good album I’ll say

    Drake is still going to sell Despit the album leaking. He will atleast sell 400k despite the leak think about it.

    Eminems last album leaked two weeks prior to release and still sold over 600k 1st week


  20. NADIA

    I will, I Will



  21. ...

    I aint even listening to the leaks, I haven’t listened to any of the leaks, only the 3 singles and the unmastered Shut It Down, I’m waiting til the 15th and buyin it, it sounds better to me that way.


  22. justn

    if you were born in 1991 or later you may like Drake, but I’m from the old school & this shit is just boring.


  23. queen beyonce



  24. Its Bizkit – Drake Humbly Responds To ‘Thank Me Later’ Leak

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  25. Forbez DVD Blog

    Drake Speaks On His Album Leaking…

    good luck when those numbers come back!……

  26. bass_man

    I refuse to listen to the leaks. I’m going to buy it on JUNE 15th


  27. ponyo

    this guy grew on me


  28. Mr. Dan

    If you reading this Drizzy, Malaysia & every other f**kin’ country in Asia gotcha back. Word.

    And although it may drop a few days later where I’m at, I’m gonna cop it. Coz this right here, is what I always wanted to listen to. No doubt, you the Man of the Year. Bless.


  29. wayne carter

    yea I heard the leak

    considering his singles, this album is wack, slow, I mean, people are just getting hyped into buying his stuff, like it’s cool to buy things that everyone else is buying, no matter the quality of the product,

    but his singles were tight, I’m a hater though so don’t mind me


  30. Phatboy89

    I downloaded the album last night. It’s crazy.
    I loved shut It Down (full 7 minute version), Light Up, Miss Me, & Show Me A Good Time. I did actually buy 1 song, (Miss Me).


  31. AK

    To Justin Poindexter and justn, shut the fuck up; thank me later is crazy.


  32. Bryan Angton

    Can’t wait til his album comes out and really wait on my sexy beautiful Brandy new sixth album to come out.


  33. Patience

    Drake is so dope. I’m in luv w him in every way you can think of. He sings for the bitches and he sounds Like he is hurt from women. I hear that cause I feel the same way about niggas. So sad. This album is the shit i have all drakes albums most of them bootleg lmao. Drake If you reading I luv u. I’m your wifey and u dont even no it! You are the best


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