Diddy Ready to Give Up Lavish Lifestyle, Still Looking for Love


Is Sean “Diddy” Combs ready to trade in his luxurious white parties and fur coats for a simpler life? The flashy music mogul claims he’s over his extravagant lifestyle and is ready to make a change.

“People have this perception of me—which is my fault—of maybe a rapper or champagne-sipping and Hamptons and white fur and just cliché type of things that are just kind of old and dated and corny, which isn’t how I am today, you know?” he told the Los Angeles Times. “That was just part of my image for a second. It wasn’t who Sean is. You evolve—like, I need to retire my diamond necklace and fur jacket now. Things change. Times change.”

The Bad Boy CEO will try his hand at comedy in his new film, Get Him to the Greek, but the man who has everything still has yet to accomplish one thing. “I haven’t been able to achieve having a successful relationship with a woman,” he shared. “I think it’s been immaturity and selfishness and flaws, things like that. But I’m on my way.”

Diddy will present at this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards, along with his Greek co-star Russell Brand. His star-studded album, Last Train to Paris, is due later this month.

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  1. jewelz

    I smell a VH1 show…..


  2. bbq


    Right???…I do too!
    Diddy is probably the most boujee artist in hip-hop. He’s just saying this to put some press on his new album. #fail

    I’ve never liked him and still don’t. He’s not nearly a rapper and his whole attitude about things just makes me laugh. He really thinks he matters in hip-hop.


  3. cubevision

    bbq. ok so whenever you listen to notorious B.I.G and remember that era in the 90s you’re tryna tell me diddy was never relevant. he’s not a talented rapper but he’s as instrumental to hip hop as russell simmons was with the founding of def jam in the 80s. hip hop is more than the music


  4. bijan

    I assume he lives like that because that’s all he raps about


  5. JD

    Either he’s trying to hype up a possible dating or lying to get attention for his lame ass album. Or maybe both.


  6. JD

    *dating show


  7. ponyo

    diddy lies to much


  8. Ultraa

    How Cassie must feel. Could he please shut up! smh. that comment is so wrong.


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