Nelly Recruits T.I., Diddy, Kelly Rowland, & Akon for ‘Nelly 5.0’ Album


If you’ve missed Nelly, don’t worry because you’re about to get a double dose of the rapper, who’s planning to release two albums this year—one with his group the St. Lunatics (City Free, July 27) and a new solo album called Nelly 5.0. The follow-up to 2008′s Brass Knuckles is shaping up to be another star-studded fest with appearances from T.I., Diddy, Akon, Kelly Rowland, and more. caught up with the Midwest MC in the Big Apple for an exclusive update on the project.

Who are you working with?
I got some talented producers like Dr. Luke and Polow Da Don. I got my man Rico Love. I got Smash Factory, which is T.I.’s production company. Me and Tip did a joint that was crazy. I got Don Vito again featured on the album. I got Murphy Lee, Puff’s on the album. My little brother City [Spud] is on the album.

What’s the first single and when is it dropping?
We’re actually about to release the first single in a week or two. It’s called “Tippin’ in the Club.”

Why did you call the album Nelly 5.0?
It’s a lot of things. It’s also my fifth drop date. It’s just the energy of it all. [The Mustang] 5.0 was always one of my dream cars. As soon as I had enough money to buy one of these mothafuckers, they stopped making these shits. It was just like, “Ahhh!” You know in Menace II Society when he jacked that ride? And then they came back… That was like the ultimate scene. I always wanted one of them mothafuckers, money green. But when I got a chance, they stopped making them. I had this meeting with Ford where they asked me these random questions about cars and I just got to talking it up. I was like, “Why ya’ll ain’t brought back the 5.0 Mustang? That shit was hot!”

So they listened to you?
It’s back. They was like boom! I always send a shout-out to Ford because here you are, you’re talking about an icon in the motor industry, like the Donald Trump of this shit when it comes to that, and here they are listening to Nelly. They took a chance on that shit, so I think it’s incredible.

–Rajul Punjabi

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  1. B4T

    hope album will be off the chain and twice better than brass knuckles…can’t wait :)


  2. thisiswilly

    I just want the new track with Janet Jackson!! hope it’s hot as hell :D


  3. Lisa

    Sounds promising. I miss him being on the scene everywhere. Good luck Nelly!


  4. Dee

    Forget the album, where’s the rest of the pics


  5. TheFuture269

    i think its great how a lot of talented artists who’ve been out of the spotlight for a while are coming back, like nelly, ciara, brandy, eve, missy, t.i., and mya. 2010′s gonna be a great year for hip-hop!!


  6. Rap-Up

    Janet Jackson is not on the album, according to Nelly.


  7. Lisa

    Janet was reported to be on the album last fall, he just didn’t mention her again. This article says and “more” features. I hope he gets Alicia Keys and Christina on board as well.


  8. yeahyeah

    Can’t wait to hear the single. At the same time, I wish Nelly would just release a C.D. with less features…you know…something like Country Grammar. I guess, when you make big money it’s all about big producers and features. I can’t be hating though, still a Nelly fan.


  9. Sophie

    I heard the new single on youtube, it’s not that bad.


  10. lebo(Caribbeanboi)

    He needs to drop that song with Kelly Rowland, its said to be Dilemma prt 2 called Got me Gone , and the chorus sounds hot …


  11. Ryda

    CG is the best album of whole century.


  12. So Icy Boi

    Glad to see my boy makin a combat. ( loud voice) Dirty ent we all we got





  14. Sweetnam

    It’s going to be great!


  15. Nick - UK

    Damn, i Can’t wait! Every single tune you have created is SHIT HOT and this new album is gunna hit hard. So excited!


  16. aka ms.figures

    u is sexy nelly i will marry u i watch your song everday i watch just a dream in move that bodyanywas i love u see u later bye


  17. aka ms.figures

    see u later


  18. aka ms.figures

    love u


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