New Music: Eminem f/ Pink – ‘Won’t Back Down’

Eminem and Pink

The rap and pop worlds collide on Eminem’s collaboration with Pink from his forthcoming album Recovery. The music rebels stand their ground on the drum-heavy, rock-tinged production. Slim Shady rips apart the track with his rapid-fire lyrics, while Pink sounds the alarm with her raspy vocals.

“I laid my parts first and kinda heard her on the record,” Em said of the collabo in a recent interview on Skyrock FM. “I felt like she would smash this record, so I gave her a call and she was with it, so we did it.”

Download: Eminem f/ Pink – “Won’t Back Down”

Audio via Rap Radar

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  1. Amanda

    link doesn’t work :(


  2. EM



  3. Love All Music

    Your player NEVER works!


  4. truth be told

    Let’s be serious, would you drive around your city, car full of girls in the summer time listening to this at high volume? I’m not hating but as a fan, I hope this album doesn’t sound the same as the last 3 change up the style a little bit, the only thing that has changed about Eminem over the years are his lyrics..


  5. bbq

    Rap’s crazy white boy and pop’s favorite bad girl together on a track. I love it! I will defintely be buying this!


  6. renegade

    works fine for me! love it


  7. sashaj

    Eminem is one of my favorites..but the song as a whole is wack..the beat is trash reminds me of Rebirth…I was hoping he would come with an introspective type song with this Pink collab..Automatic skip for me


  8. sgio

    sound like relapse song than recovery
    hope that the kobe, rihanna & lil wayne song will be hot shit


  9. Joey

    I think it has crazy flow and rhymes but the beat and chorus is a little weak, but I’ll tell I have been looking forward to this album like crazy!! I am a little disappointed.


  10. GangsterA

    I love it but why pink dont have a verse i cant wait to the joint with weezy and riri


  11. Mark

    lmao this shit is weak…trash! And I’m an Eminem fan. So far Not Afraid and this have been really weak.


  12. The Architect

    I think this track is real dope, but it would have been more dope if Pink laid down the Chorus before Em’ Laid down his verse. Still real dope track, I think this album is going to his best. He is coming Hard with a different Persona and Lyricism that he hasn’t had since the rap Olympics, and that killed Wayne and Drake on there own tracks. EMINEM = Greatest Rapper Alive, sry Wayne but you had your chace while em’ was in hibernation. Eminem Deserves a spot with Pac and BIG, nothing less then a Legend.


  13. Bizzy G.

    This track is by far the best track I’ve heard since I’m not afraid Em & Pink killed this song can’t hardly wait for Recovery now!


  14. it aight

    i like the part where the song turns down i thought that my speakers weren’t workin for a minute


  15. Giselle

    LOVE this. I like the direction of this album. Em is not playing!


  16. Rashaan

    THIS IS HOT! I was not feeling Em for a minute but he is back! Pink is my girl…


  17. carlos

    damn this song is sick as hell. it gave me goosebumps no homo


  18. Robert

    well this interesting.


  19. dillon_68



  20. Cal


    You assume that Eminem in his 11 year career has ever produced material to bump inside your car with girls inside. Thats not him and thats not what his hardcore fans want either.


  21. anonymous

    I don’t like this infact I couldn’t even listen the whole way through. His flow doesn’t ride this beat in a way that matches the melody of Pink’s chorus. Hell, I don’t know! I guess it is a “recovery” because in terms of weakness he can ONLY get stronger.


  22. bladerunnin

    this is crap, i don’t consider em’ rap anyway his flow is tight but if you are never played on hip hop and rnb station or being bump in the hood it’s not hip hop.


  23. The Architect


    So your saying that gucci is whats hot because it’s getting playtime. Shit’s wack, Fawk I don’t hear Krs One anywhere and He is HIP HOP. Krs Even gives props to Em’, and I know Krs. Slow ass Syllable rhyming with weak ass metaphors is what gets playtime because mindless mainstream kats like yourself have no appreciation for lyricism and that’s what hip-hop is. Not about what the beat sounds like but the lyricism, meaning, and the feeling of the artist.


  24. asid

    Pure FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This was for the people who thought Not Afraid or whatever


  25. Gamer

    Fucking Dope!

    @The Architect


  26. chet

    this song goes so fuckin hard! fuck what you heard. from the stutter bounce beat, to pink’s gritty voice, and em’s staccato flow. ill!


  27. Mr Xclusive

    this is horrible


  28. Cryme aka G.notes

    Eminem and Pink. Should be cool. I hope the recovery album is better than the last 3. The last good album I heard from Em was The Eminem Show.


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