Video: Melody Thornton Sings at Dodger Stadium

Melody Thornton

Since parting ways with the Pussycat Dolls, Melody Thornton has been working on a solo album with collaborators including Cee-Lo, Polow Da Don, and Lil Wayne. The former Doll got a chance to shine on her own while performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles this week. Did she hit it out of the ballpark?

Photo credit: Jon SooHoo/L.A. Dodgers 2010

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  1. Airon

    Hecks yeah she did! Now tell me why Robin and nem’ didn’t have her singing with Nicole in the first place, when obviously the girl can sang. I thought at first they didn’t have her singing b/c she couldn’t sing like most of those girls in the group…. but it’s far from that. She is incredible. PCD messed up letting her go. Oh well, she’s going solo. I bet she’ll give Nicole a good ole’ run for her money (although I know in actuality Nicole had nothing to do with the splitting up of PCD).


  2. sashaj

    she better singer than nicole lolol


  3. pjayy

    ii agree she is better than nicole


  4. M J

    they never had her up front on the tracks because nicole would’ve threw a bitch fit.


  5. Dizzle

    me too lol i fink she better than nichole she should have been lead singer <3 xx


  6. Jeffery J-Boe

    Melody Did Really Good, I’m So Glad She’s Solo Now… I Can’t Wait Til Ashley, Kimberly, Jessica, and Carmit Come Out, and Do Well, and Better Than Nicole aka The Bitch From Hell… Melody Thorton For 2010.


  7. Dave

    She did good, the damn echo was very annoying & distracting though, love her voice thou :)


  8. CJ

    She is a really good singer and Kimberly has been doing her on thing in the uk. She was a judge on a dance show and now she has got a song out with some guy.


  9. Dsabadmofo

    melody killed that. i’ve always loved her voice and i was so damn happy when i got to hear her sing on songs like “elevator”, “top of the world” and, “love the way you love me”. i can’t wait for her album. i just want to know what label she is with. i wonder if she’s still under interscope but just as a solo artist. who knows. hopefully it’ll all be revealed soon. :-)


  10. Meow

    good job…she has the sex appeal, and of course the voice…the question is, does she have the “it” factor? time will reveal…

    sn: Dayum it wasn’t anybody at that game…lol


  11. GangsterA

    I adore her she did really good pcd sux without her i was a pcd fan becuse of her cant wait for he album


  12. LaMont

    She has an amazing voice! I can’t wait for her solo album! She will be a very good solo artist…she should have had more vocal apperances on the Pussycat Dolls albums,but it was always about Nicole Scherzinger.


  13. DARIA



  14. malusi

    melody can really sing, PCD will never be the same anymore…..the song where she was featured by jibbs she sound awesome!!!


  15. Melody Thornton Fan





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