2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors: Show & Backstage


The South relocated to New York City for the “2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors.” The biggest names in hip-hop and R&B converged on the Hammerstein Ballroom to pay respect to the Dirty South. Among the highlights…

• Drake, in a “Free Wayne” T-shirt, and Bun B performing “Get Throwed” in tribute to J Prince of Rap-A-Lot Records.
• Jermaine Dupri going back in time with Bow Wow on the Kriss Kross classic “Jump,” and bringing Diddy and Lil Jon to the stage for “Welcome to Atlanta.”
• Missy Elliott reemerging to honor Timbaland with “Get Your Freak On” and “Work It,” plus Bun B rapping “Big Pimpin’,” Fabolous doing “Make Me Better,” and Keri Hilson collaborating with D.O.E. and Sebastian on “The Way I Are.”
• Kelly Rowland and David Banner commemorating their region by introducing Slim Thug (“Like a Boss”), Paul Wall (“Sittin’ Sidewayz”), and Chamillionaire (“Ridin’”).
• Chilli and Lauren London showing love to Atlanta honoree Organized Noize before performances by Rico Wade (“Player’s Ball”), Nelly and Murphy Lee (“Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik”), Sleepy Brown and Cool Breeze (“So Fresh, So Clean”), and Asher Roth (“Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!)”).
• Master P being introduced by his not-so-lil’ son Romeo and Taraji P. Henson before Gucci Mane’s rendition of “Miss My Homies;” Romeo, Silkk the Shocker, and Trina doing “That’s Cool;” and Mystikal returning to the stage for “Make ‘Em Say Ugh.”
• Miami closing out the show with Trina (“Million Dollar Girl”), Flo Rida (“Low”), and Rick Ross, who got “Super High” in a furry coat. Pitbull had the crowd on its feet one last time with “I Know You Want Me.”

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  1. filadream

    Nelly looks cool!


  2. Soul Sista

    thank you so much rap up.. Yall be on it.. Everyone looks good. I cant wait to watch this


  3. lily

    Kelly Rowland looks really good. want to watch the gala


  4. UltraKid

    Nobody had a free T.I. T-shirt when he was in jail and he’s a way better person than Lil’ Wayne and he’s more talented than him too.


  5. lebo(Caribbeanboi)

    Black Barbie Ms Kelly …


  6. NikkiIsChillin

    Kelly looks beautiful!


  7. RaydeeohCity

    i swear missy wear the same hoodie


  8. Lil Holxa

    wth are Bow Wow, Fabolous and Game doin on a South gala???


  9. SR

    so meny lame rapers in one event, the only real rapers in there are the game, Chamillionaire, missy and T.I. all the other are just stupid hip hop kids


  10. Dee

    I’m sorry Kelly & Missy have waaay too much hair on their head, I’m all for the weaves and wigs but these chicks hair are getting out of hand. Otherwise she looks pretty This show looks a tad ummm boring, no Scarface, Outkast, UGK (RIP Pimp C. Where’s Mia X, hip honors needs to take a break.


  11. Huh

    Why they get Drake?
    They couldnt get an actually Texas artist to perform with Bun?
    I know Drakes fathers suppose to be from there but still he not a southern artist at all
    They dick riding drake from sunrise to sunset
    I thought the show was suppose to shine a light and show love to southern artist not the rappers who are getting the most hype at the moment
    And Bow really think hes from the south when hes clearly a midwest artist from Ohio
    The south dont even fuck with Bow like that


  12. WhatTheF

    That flop known as Kelly Rowland looked the best. I’m very impressed!

    Missy needs to eat a salad

    Trina’s has “HIPS OF A GODDESS!”


  13. Mikey Martini

    I wonder if Romeo & Bow Wow ran into eachother backstage and if it was all love or mean mugs?


  14. yuri

    no Outkast? Scarface? Cash Money Millionaires? i don’t know about this dirty south hip hop honors, it seems like this show has been declining since the def jam honors they did, that one was weird too


  15. mel

    That successful woman known as Kelly Rowland looked really good.


  16. tell'em

    Kelly Rowland looks friggin’ AMAZING. Look at that body O_O…


  17. CRIS

    this show was a joke. thats y outkast didnt show up. how can you show respect to the south but hold the show in NEW YORK. THIS WAS A COMPLETE JOKE. you gonna have drake perform pimp c verse and sound terrible, and you had nelly and murphy lee perform outkast verses, are u serious.


  18. mickeygagirl



  19. gee

    Mystikal was already in NY on business. Master P told vhh1 he would ONLY DO HHH IF THEY HONORED HIM NOT NO LIMIT RECORDS/ARTIST. Mia x Fiend Kane and Able and other artist who went gold and platinum weren’t invited Master P as usual wanted the spotlight smh. No Limit looked coonish and clownish but hey we’re talking about Percy Miller the WEIRD AL YANKOVITCH OF RAP


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