Sneak Peek: Katy Perry f/ Snoop Dogg – ‘California Gurls’

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg plays sugar daddy to Katy Perry in the delicious preview for “California Gurls,” the first single from the pop star’s upcoming album Teenage Dream. Katy and Snoop will perform the song for the first time at this Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. Feast your eyes on their sweet collaboration below.

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  1. tell'em

    Lol, you can tell shes funny. This will do well with her pop fanbase and commercially. She definitely knows her best asset.:P


  2. ashling

    love her <3 shes so pretty too!


  3. rafaiah

    hello? dis she get a boobjob??
    OMG look @ those TaTa$!!


  4. SexyBoomBoy

    the video is going to be so funny and sexy =)

    its looks like so sweet like Fergie’s Fergalicious :D

    cant wait anymoreeeeee

    love this singleeeeeee


  5. TeeTop

    lol @ the end


  6. Kornej

    It was funny. Especially the last frame.


  7. GangsterA

    I liked the song before but now it sux but the video is funny love it already


  8. ...



  9. boo boo

    yea its a lil fergilicious-like but i still like katy…she brings a sense of humor to pop


  10. Mike

    I don’t understand why artists can’t do simple/fun videos anymore. When i hear the song, i think of a beach party type setting, not some life version of “Candy Land”.


  11. queen beyonce

    looks good & fun


  12. Derek

    Mike, sit ya boring, vanilla ass down somewhere. This is not 1993. Go look that dry shit up on YouTube and get a clue.


  13. Diamond Girl

    I agree with u completely Mike…Plus this song is about Summer fun and about California..I love LA having lived there for 5 years..It’s about chillaxin, Hot european cars, car washes, having a great time working out and being at the beach, clubs and hot spots..I hope the video is more than this candy theme! Still like the song though.


  14. stellar2

    That’s what Cali is like, YOu dum dums. It’s a candy land, don’t you get it. Cali is awesome!!!. And this video looks cute.!! :D


  15. kan

    because the economy is down,
    that’s why we have this sunset candyland.

    can’t you tell? it’s so eerie in the end too.


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