Kanye West’s Car Involved in Accident

Kanye's Porsche

Kanye West is safe and sound, but he’s not going to be too happy when he hears what happened to his car.

A black Porsche Panamera registered to the rapper was involved in an accident nearby his Honolulu home around 4 a.m. on Saturday, reports local ABC affiliate KITV Honolulu.

Chris Cooper was awakened by the sound of a loud crash. “Just a tremendous crash. As if a small building were coming down,” said the Honolulu resident, who lives across the street from the crash scene.

The vehicle failed to make a right turn and drove into a multi-million dollar house, leaving a large hole in the garage wall. The residence is undergoing construction and was unoccupied at the time. Police had difficulty pulling the car from the home.

West has been renting a home in Honolulu, where he is recording his fifth album, but was not on the island at the time of the incident. Sources told KITV that his cousin had permission to drive the car, and witnesses said they saw three men fleeing the scene after the crash. An auto theft report was filed with police.

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  1. Robjr Loves Ciara

    I think you guys shud change the title of this story cuz yall almost gave me a heart attack, I was thinking “Not again” Glad Kanye wasn’t involved


  2. Robjr Loves Ciara

    Ok, nevermind, I didn’t read the title correctly



    Seriously… this shit happens so many times daily. Kanye is probably one of the people who cares least.


  4. GeeGee

    Guys, don’t tell me that you wished Kanye was supposed to be in the incident, deserves to die and all that crap. What happened to respect?

    It’s a good thing God tries saving people everyday whether it’s for the better or even the worse.


  5. UltraKid

    Damn, if Kanye got into a second car accident it would be crazy. He doesn’t deserve that and I’m glad he’s ok


  6. Mr. Sappleton

    “he said his daughter got a brand new report car/and all i got was a brand new sports car”



    ohw crap.. the site didn’t load correctly… my bad xD


  8. clearvoice

    to bad he walked away.


  9. UltraKid

    and people say Kanye is the asshole…


  10. Cassive



  11. dariell

    Kanye is stupid as his mother was arrogant, he is still a POS and will remain so .He is so arrogant and stupid ,maybe he will get his rewards like his arrogant mother,keep outting out trash ,so called music, when all you do is spit into a microphone and put out shit for the younger generation .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Manjeo22

    Man!! how do you sleep at night knowing you talking about somebody’s dead mother like this. What a cold we’re living in.


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  15. jrotten

    Too bad his body wasn’t found in the wreckage! People, if u knew him like i do, u would feel the same way! The man is an arrogant foo! dariell speaks the truth! This foo don’t deserve NO respect!BELIEVE IT!


  16. sag nice

    he is a little punk. how r u gona crash yo car and then leave yea hes a punk


  17. Kevin

    Really though? People just left the scene. The car belonged to ‘Ye. He’s famous. This will be news. Dumbass.


  18. UltraKid

    People are so heartless saying that his mom is a dumbass and saying Kanye is a dick without ever meeting him in person. You guys act like Kanye killed somebody and to say the guy makes bad music is crazy. Please go listen to your Young Money bull and think about what you said tonight. You guys have already said worse things than Kanye.


  19. Alive



  20. Trey

    Thank God no one got hurt!


  21. lilfid

    Kanye is alright !!!
    All the rest is not important !!!


  22. axzz3AloPEO7f


    Rap-Up.com || Kanye West’s Car Involved in Accident

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