New Music: Sean Kingston f/ Nicki Minaj – ‘Letting Go (Dutty Love)’

Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj

Sound the alarm. Sean Kingston has just entered the race for the song of the summer. With a track record that includes past summer smashes “Beautiful Girls” and “Fire Burning,” the Jamaican-American singer grabs fellow islander Nicki Minaj for the new single from his upcoming album.

Sean feels the Stargate production is his strongest single yet. “O.K So I Never Felt So Good About Any OF My Songs Since ‘BEAUTIFUL GIRLS’ But Trust Me When I Tell YOU.. ‘Letting Go (dutty love)’ Is A HIT!” he tweeted. We concur.

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  1. WhatTheF

    STUPID. And he recycled “Te Amo” beat.


    Yes I mentioned Queen Rihanna. Y’all do the same thing!U MAD?



  2. KC

    ^ what a loser. no one should be that obsessed with another person.


  3. WhatTheF



  4. part

    ^rhianna is queen of the billy goats n now 1 is mad loser


  5. JD

    ^What the hell does this have to do with rihanna? Do you even know how to read???


  6. WhatTheF

    ^U MAD TOO?


  7. M.B

    @ WTF – i do hear the te amo melody in da back


  8. TheFuture269

    the only song i really liked from him was beautiful girls but this is hot! sounds like a summer banger to me!!


  9. TheFuture269

    the only song i really liked from him was beautiful girls but this is hot!! sounds like a summer banger to me!!


  10. #Thatisall

    Nicki Minaj killed her verse once again. In my eyes shes better than lil kim i dont care what anybody says. She will be bigger than Lil Kim is and was #Fact.


  11. WhatTheF

    @M.B people just can’t stand to hear or see the truth. They are all mad that Rihanna’s reign wont let up!


  12. RihannaRocks

    ya i agree WTF rihannas reign won’t let up cuz shes so hard……. I like this song but the beat is from te amo it goes better with that song than tis song but lady gaga and rihanna should have a duet together


  13. wow!

    love it n @WTF #PACKTHATSHITUP This Is Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj And Letting Go (Dutty Love)


  14. Trey

    ……..rihanna ain’t hard or good or whatever u want she’s got a ASS everybody would luv to f*** okok, but about her music the only ones who goes hard are her producers and songwritters… REAL talent i’m sorry…
    bout nicki…she writes her shit, lil kim’s are all Notorious Big’s ones….

    anyway…GOOD sample of te amo, really good song, will be workiing hard this summer though


  15. BowChickaWahWah

    I like it.


  16. JD

    Once again, what does this have to do with rihanna? And what would I be mad about? Are u retarded or just dumb?


  17. d.A.N

    the only retarded on the record is nicki, fucking rap bitch without stlye, gotta people style…….kim style thats what she got, fuck you


  18. Trey

    @JD, they started talk about rihanna because the song recreates te amo melody…(too much rihanna stans right here)


  19. d.A.N

    go get ur own style miss barbie re-make,we saw barbie and full of colors b4, 10years ago and u coping her style, talking about lil kim style that what u doing, stop it, u need ur own things,people not gonna remember you, bcoz u got no style


  20. eman25

    man dis song hot. lol ^^ y u talkin bout kim?? shes not even relevant


  21. delroy

    \got to admit it, i likr the song. not a fan of mr kingston but with Nicki Minaj on it i had to give it a listen


  22. Jazzy

    I dont like sean kingston.. but i love nicki so i had to listen to it.


  23. Dizzle

    LOVE this…ppl need to stop being mad lol just love tha song n one love <3


  24. Mike

    NICKI! She kills every song, i love her.


  25. ...

    name a popular nicki minaj song (young money songs don’t count)

    i’ll wait

    she gets blog buzz but thats it


  26. Bunny

    Rihanna is cool and all, but I really don’t understand the song “Rude Boy.” I mean, the last time she got a “womp womp womp” she wasn’t a big fan of it… seems a little counter-productive.


  27. ponyo

    ri ri beat ….and that bicth need to stop using words that lil kim used in her songs before…and she shows no repect to the queen …she is so wrong for tht…i still like her though…but she is a heavy copy cat


  28. carl



  29. Ponce

    @ Ponyo

    lmao stop using words that lil kim used? WTF? The last time I checked lil Kim didn’t write the dictionary or make up any words or anything like that. Ya’ll taking this feud between the two of them too far. Since when can a person but a claim on a word?


  30. Ponce

    * put

    but anyways the song is alright. I def hear the beat from “Te amo” which makes me wonder if the beat was an original or not or it they just sampled it.

    That’s beside the point though. The song is ok but it’s not all that. Of-course I like it more than I would if Nicki wasn’t on it. Despite what people are saying about her. I like her style.

    To comment on her feud with Lil Kim; I like them both. I just think that Kim needs to sit down. I could swear Nicki paid her respects. I heard Nicki rap on a song where she talks about the baddest female rappers and name checks lil Kim (if I’m not mistaken). How much respect does she want? What does a person have to do to pay homage?

    Does she want Nicki to set up a shrine to her or something? I’m just not understanding this at all. Kim will always be the self-proclaimed Queen Bee. That’s how we know her. Nicki is the new girl on the block. Why is she even worried about her?

    Like I said they are both good in my opinion. All this rap chicks got the game twisted. Every time I see them take shots at one another I begin to like them less and less. You should be worried about your own grind and not someone else. To every female rapper in the game there is about 5 males. Instead of pushing each down they should be uplifting each other and paving the way for more.


  31. GanasteraA

    I love it nicki riped the hood btw te amo was riped from miss indepentet





  33. ♥Kim

    Bullshit that ↑ comment


  34. Shaytan

    Last I checked BIG died years ago.. Yet Kim is still around! SO who is writing her lyrics? Drop the BIG shit – I like Nicki & I like Kim. However you cant take away from the past. Kim is a legend and Nicki has to reach for it…


  35. kiley

    i like it..!!!…sounds good…!!!


  36. Steve

    I LOVEEE this Song, NICKI really made it, otherwise it would be garbage.


  37. lexi

    DAMN!!!!! this song is tight i love sean kingston!!!


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