Kanye West to Perform at BET Awards

Kanye West

Awards shows are about to be fun again. Kanye West has been added as a performer for the BET Awards ’10.

BET announced today that the rapper will take the stage for “a dynamic comeback performance.” This will be his first major awards show appearance since last year’s memorable MTV Video Music Awards.

While it has not been revealed what he will perform, there’s a good chance it will include his new single “Power” from his forthcoming album, which he performed live for the first time at a private concert for Chicago high school students this week.

Ludacris, Rick Ross, and DJ Khaled have also been added to this year’s lineup. They join previously announced performers T.I., Drake, Diddy-Dirty Money, Nicki Minaj, and Trey Songz. The 10th annual event will be hosted by Queen Latifah and John Legend will receive the Humanitarian Award.

The BET Awards ’10 airs live Sunday, June 27, at 8 p.m. EST from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

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  1. WhatTheF

    Go Kanye!

    Haters STAY MAD!


  2. lil john

    the need to let ciara perform and cut out the bullshit


  3. TheFuture269

    @lil john YESSS!!


  4. Matt Kemp

    sounds like a good deal to me
    i think lil kim’ should perform her new hot single ;)


  5. sgio

    mr. west is back
    he’s the only one did not do “forever” live
    BET award is the only chance that drake & kanye perform “forever” live or with eminem


  6. riiiiiiide it

    ummm Kanye better let Ciara be a part of his performance. She’d KILL Dwele’s part on Power.


  7. 25eman

    Ayye dats a star studded list. I’m lookin foward 2 ye, drake,Trey, Luda, n Nicki and of course T.I.


  8. Jake

    why the hell would ciara sing dwele’s part in power when dwele is perfectly capable of showing up and singing it himself…


  9. tay1025

    not really interested in the BET awards this year and don’t plan on watching unless i get word that ciara will be performing…


  10. javonscott

    either way CIARA needs to peform!


  11. juppy

    @riiiiiiide it… lets just have ciara DANCE for now LOL


  12. Dham

    I agree with yall. Ciara needs to perform too. She needs to promote that album.


  13. YourMom

    its kanye whos performing so stfu and stop bringing ciara to this


  14. JustSayin

    lmao @ the Ciara stans #JustSayin


  15. HHH7387

    I’m actually gonna watch the show now. But can Ciara’s internet soldiers please shut the F up, and quit spamming every page! Their a bunch of losers!


  16. meeee

    Go Cici go cici go :)


  17. GetItGirl

    Yeah I hope Ciara performs. A performance with Kanye would be dope.


  18. GangsterA

    Ciara my ass dont get me wrong i like her but her fans are just… Lookin fowrd to t.i. Nicki and drake and of course kanye


  19. Tev

    Return of The Legend Kanye West haters dont stay mad u cant get what u want all the time!!


  20. MB92

    Why do i feel like the Bet Awards are gonna be trash?? just by looking at the list of performers i fall asleep lol


  21. j7

    your mom is right tht bitch aint got swag


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