Lil’ Kim Sounds Off on Nicki Minaj, Drake, Diddy, and Rick Ross

Lil' Kim

If you thought Lil’ Kim had said all she could say about Nicki Minaj, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The Queen Bee goes in on Young Money’s Barbie, Drake, Diddy, and Rick Ross in an interview with ThisIs50. Among the topics she discussed…

• How Nicki has been subliminally taking shots at her and other female MCs for the past year. “It’s obvious that I’m who she wants to be like. It’s obvious that she likes me and wants to be like me, but she’s not paying this homage.”
• She talks about her close relationship with Cash Money CEO Slim and how she considered signing with the label. “If [Nicki] and I would’ve rocked out together, I would’ve been able to help her.”
• She did a record for Birdman called “Grindin’ Making Money.” Nicki was later added, but the song was cut from Baby’s album and the video was scrapped. [Editor’s note: The song was included as a bonus track on Pricele$$.]
• She calls Drake a “punk pussy” for his comments about her. “At the end of the day, this ni**a wore his heart on his sleeve by coming at me and I’m a fucking girl. Ray J’s the one who said everything. You ain’t mentioned this ni**a’s name one time.”
• She thought it was disrespectful of Diddy for not calling her before Ray J, but he’s still her brother. “I can’t disown Puffy at this moment. … Puffy should be ashamed of himself.”
• She doesn’t see Rick Ross as Biggie’s replacement. Although she likes some of his music, she wishes he would have owned up to being a correctional officer.
• She loves 50 Cent “to death” and feels Rick Ross will never be in the same league as him. “[50] goes in the museum. I can’t really say that about Rick Ross.”

Listen to the full interview below.

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  1. sarah

    So glad Lil Kim is standing up for herself!


  2. Trey

    Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim
    You are not current Queen.
    Its not like Kim is the Michael Jackson of rap.
    He had hits in albums and singles up until he died.
    Where has Kim been?
    Her last album and “Download” ? Um…
    And it’s not helping dissing the hottest hip-hop male and female currently.


  3. Mileka

    Agree with Trey


  4. Alive

    Lil Kim Is Such A Bitch Picking Fights, Go Back To School Kim. I’m Just Standing Up For Nicki


  5. bOYfALANA

    “Do you know why the character was too dark for her?


  6. bOYfALANA

    Because she’s a white woman trapped in a black woman’s body. And you can tell the world I said it, because those are Lil Kim’s words.”


  7. bOYfALANA

    you worried about someone else taking your image and you cant even manage your own!!!! STEP OUT THE CLOUD OF GRANGER KIM…


  8. BowChickaWahWah

    Lil Kim loses most of her beefs. This will be no different.


  9. boom.BOOM.P0W

    “Download” was not an album, it was a single she just dropped. Know your facts before making irrelevant stuff.
    Kim is the ONLY QUEEN in Rap game. Ricki Pinaj will never come for her and thats fact!


  10. Lil CiCi

    kim sit your ass down and have a piece of humble pie for a change…..


  11. Jah

    LOL Kim looking weak as hell dissing minaj she just doing it for attention Kim is weak in the streets right now. You can tell she been in prison cuz she’s ridin 50 cents dck like he still sells records.


  12. Dillon_68

    F*** Lil Kim, I used to like her until I found out what she’s like as a person.


  13. HIP-POP

    KIM is PRESSED!!!!
    She is doing all of this for promotion. Trying to get her name back out in the public.
    And she calls herself LEGENDARY. If you are so legendary then why do you have yo stoop to such levels to get recognized? She is a Pathetic!


  14. HIP-POP

    LIL KIM?


  15. Dizzle

    PART 2 from 2:25 was tha funiest moment on here… love lil kim but she too old for this shiit leave it to tha yungers nicki minaj bby <3


  16. 200247227

    watch the past inteviews of nicki before she got sign & look at both pictures of kim & nicki u can see the truth also listen to lil kim music in the past & u get the truth nicki plagiaris everything of lil kim from image to fashion only thing nicki has is youth and animation


  17. WhatTheF

    Go Kim! Drake is a Punk Pussy!



  18. WhatTheF

    Go Kim! Drake is a Punk P.U.S.S.Y!



  19. DraKe_NIckii

    OmGee LiL KiiM need 2 sit her ass down like fharreal she don’t EXIST no more she’s dead nicki minaj is the best thing tht ever happen 2 thiis rap shiit like forreal and drake was just beiin a sweet heart so LEAVE THEM ALONE!


  20. @LoveShaniqua

    I LOVE LIL’ KIM she got good points, but I still like Nicki, but like I said I LOVE LIL’ KIM.


  21. G-Unit Soulja

    I gotta say im going with Kim on this one, she always was the best feMC anyway. and as far as that Ricky thing goes, you can’t compare a C.O. with minimal skills on the mic who used to call himself Teflon with The Notorious B.I.G.! f*ck Officer Ricky!


  22. AAA

    Whooooaa , I’m bout to go in ..first off she actin like she was the first b*tch to rap on earth , and 2nd of all she needs to stop , like she came at Foxy , & Remy , and she lost lyrically , and it hurt her carrer, 2nd Nicki yea she did stuff you did, but she has her own lil twist and she goes harder, plus Nicki is not thinking bout your a*s…please she busy counting money,and for you calling drake p*ssy….honey your just mad cuz u are jealous cuz another rap b*tch from NY is better than you, and I love Nicki with all my heart , but Remy!!!! Will destroy alll you b*tches….that the queen, and she said it herself…or you tryna forget she aired you …note to self …you can’t rap and your just popular jealous bird frm Brooklyn…


  23. HIP-POP

    Kim thinks too highly of herself. She didnt paved the way for shit. Queen Latifah, Salt & Peppa, McLyte, Those were the ladies who paved the way. Kim needs to grow up


  24. JustSayin

    ^^^@HIP-HOP i second that


  25. dayday

    idgaf about this beef notice rapper eve been laying low she gonna do a sneakattack on these chicks watch


  26. ANuEra269

    i like nicki but i’m ridin for kim. kim def needs to get some new music on the radio because she can’t prove she’s the best if she’s not cominf with fire and nicki is tearin up the radio !



    Lil Nose is really starting to look pathetic and you can clearly shes noticed how much attention this situation has brought her so now shes not trying to let it go because this is the most relevant shes been in i dont know how long! Nicki Minaj is here to stay and slay so she might as well go on and get over it! No rap bitch can see Nicki on the charts right now and thats wat matters!


  28. JD

    @dayday I kinda agree with you cause I love Eve. I love her flow. Anyways I will always ride wit Kim. All of this made me appreciate her music more since everything else today is trash. No one can get mad at her for speaking her mind. Diddy cant speak cuz he aint been hot since the 90s, rick ross is a straight up punk with his fat ass. Nicki stans can say what they want but Queen B will always win.


  29. Jaelani

    I agree with 1/2 of whatever Kim said. She honestly should let go of all the Nicki drama, it’s petty. Her comment about Drake being a “punk pu**y”? Uneccessary, but true. Diddy is disrespectful and more and more he is showing that he never cared about Big. That was Kim’s heart, to a T. Rick Ro$$ being compared to Big? Unrealistic, and once again disrespectful. 50 Cent will go down it hip-hop history. Wonder why Kim took the time to give him a shout out after their drama. Interesting…


  30. Joyams

    Trey is right.
    She’s so jealous, she should be ashamed, but at least we are speakin of her now, what we didn’t since 1990 i guess…
    And lame from 50 to trying to make some buzz like that, and make her compare Ross to 50, AGAIN!! WTF?!
    Whatever, ppl who are dissin other ones are lame.


  31. Nina

    Kim is stuck in the 90s. Someone help her!


  32. Nina

    Kim looks so dumb. All of her peers are saying how purposeless this beef is. And I would even call it beef because Nicki isnt responding. I dont blame her. Ignore Kim and shining.


  33. BX!!!!!

    “Time machine bitches always talkin bout the old days, when they was hot when they was tourin with the Ojs” – Nicki Minaj


  34. Ciara4evaeva

    N Some Of The Pics Nicki did look like kim…Kim u betta take nicki down Lol nah i like Nicki she different.


  35. tay1025

    The ONLY person Kim should be mad at or dissing is the doctors that fucked her face & body up!!!! She is SOOO dated her time is up and she’s just dissing people right now to get some type of attention and publicity!! #FAIL


  36. KraziFenty

    i lik lil kim she was da shii .WAS(90′s-06) den remy took da mic now nicki is shining lik remy sed yall she hold each otha up not tear each otha down yew look mad weak point blank…download floppd…dancing wit the stars floppd…ur surgeries flop jus sit ya old ass down eitha b blessd and happy our die n b wit BIGGIE fo real… ungrateful bitch atlantic records dnt want u to hav a album fo a reason dey’ll lose money cuz it’ll flop lik erythan u touch afta 2006 jus go bac to jail tak remy place so hip hop can get bac to it..


  37. ponyo

    she is right about the situation….nicki is wrong but alot of her fans won’t see that….its obvious she is a fan of kim i listened to all her mix tapes…..and i have all of lil kims albums….lil kim is a nice person and she never disrespects her fans…i can’t say the same for nicki…she has dissed her fan….ps….i love em both


  38. Put them stank matted wigs back on

    WTF ol bitch sit yo ass all the way down kim keeps speaking Nicki’s name giving her free publicity while Nic is saying nothing, grindin working hard not feeding into the bullsh!t. Aint many female rappers so they would want to stick together instead of tearing each other down.


  39. Trey


    what are you talking about?
    i said her last album AND “Download”
    how did you interpret from how i worded that that i meant they were one in the same?


  40. lowlyreal

    1.) The song is on birdman’s album . It’s on his deluxe edition . Kim needs to check the facts .
    2.) If nicki has been taking subliminal shots at you (which i really doubt), dont pay no mind to it . You bigger than that . Or I thought you were .
    3.) Nicki has said she was inspired by you NUMEROUS TIMES IN INTERVIEWS . And you dont demand someone pay homage to you . Should all new female rappers pay homage to you ? It’s ok that you invented the ish let it go and rise above it . Kim i love you and Nicki but you better than this .


  41. Jay'real

    kim is a hater what a cunt she need to die like MJ haha!


  42. kEY

    ALL OF U HATER,F*** YOU, that lil b**** copying kim and you can see that,she got no style just copy copy and copy,would you be happy to see a new comer just copying what u done for the past 10 years? no b**** can f*** the rap music as kim does, u know that and we all know, f****nikki and that F****ing n***, SHE IS THE MJ OF RAP,SHE IS THE BEST EVER FEMELA MC AND THAT QUEEN B****


  43. LoveTheWayULie

    Oh Kim,why you are so jealous?
    Nicki kicked ur ass bitch!!
    I don’t believe that Kim just said this … Can’t believe she fell so low …


  44. Keri

    Lil’ Kim is the QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything she said is true!! Nicki sit your ass down hoe!! Lil’ Kim is the TRUE Queen of Hip-Hop!!!!


  45. d.A.N



  46. Danee

    before hearing this interview i was pissed that lil kim, outta no where started dissing nicki. her “nicki needs to pay homage” excuse was stupid. and it became obvious she was hating once she brought out keys. kim came off as a jealous hater looking for some attention.

    now after hearing this interview, she actually makes sense. think about it, if there was no lil kim, what would nicki minaj be? i’m not saying that nicki ripped everything off kim cuz she didn’t. there’s a difference between being inspired by someone elses idea and adding your own spin on it or straight out copying what they did.

    i think the real reason why kim is mad is because all the attention is on nicki. and she feels like nicki took over her spot in the business without really proving herself 1st.

    the reason why nicki is on top is because she’s the ONLY female rapper that’s hungry for it right now, its NOT because she’s the best. some of her verses don’t even make sense. her 1st single, Massive Attack was a flop. she’s basically riding off a buzz created by her mixtapes, the songs she’s been featured on, lil wayne, and everyone else who keeps hyping her up. i think people force themselves to like her cuz shes what’s hot right now. people are tired of seeing the same artists always on top and nicki is like a breath of fresh air. girls are missing that representation in hip hop. its like you almost forget that women can rap just as good as a man. and nicki is the only one representing right now.

    so kim really needs to stop talking and put all that energy into making her comeback album that proves she still got it.

    and nicki needs to focus on making an album that proves she deserves to be the top bitch right now. to prove she’s just not another hype in a cute outfit. to certify herself as a top contender not just a gimmick in the game.

    i think its time the ladies join together and show the world that men aren’t the only ones who can spit some lines. like kim said, she just wants to rock out together.

    am i the only one who thinks a lil kim + nicki minaj collabo would be classic?


  47. Boss Lady

    I Love Lil Kim and she`s a great Rapper but, dis is da reason why we have a shortage of Female Rapper`s. Pulling one another down instead of lifting each other up. I think Kim is jealous because someone from New York is gettin it in (Female). Nicki is doing her thing right now leave her alone. I feel like if Queen Latifah,MC Lyte,Salt & Peppa don`t have a problem u shouldn`t either. Eve,Trina,RemyMa are great rappers they`re not complaning. Now ur going as far as putting 50 in it that`s 2 far Lil Kim. You know 50 don`t care about nobody not even you. Don`t stoop that low. WTF is up with dis Keyes chick now she really is jealous talking about she`s going 2 keep talking about Nicki until she`s tired. Get a LIFE what has Nicki ever done 2 u 2 kim nothing but, getting her grind on don`t knock da hustle baby. Quit HATING !!!!


  48. Will

    Funny cause Nicki Minaj sounds nothing like lil kim nor talks about the same things as Lil Kim. Nicki Minaj is much better at wordplay than Kim. Lil Kim was only hot in the 90s and early 2000′s then she became washed up. Nicki is gonna have longevity unlike kim. Yeah and Atlantic records didnt get the direction u were going in cause she changed FOR THE WORSE. They didnt care about your ass anymore. U werent even selling records anymore.


  49. Curtis



  50. ari

    its so crazy cuz this is completely outta no where. we all kno nicki dun paid her “homage” even tho she didn’t have to cuz if u got a talent like nicki then u dont have to pay homage no body but god. she ain have to thank kim for shit, but she did. i think kim is tryin to make an album and she need publicity. we all kno this is the only way she can get it. notice treding searches are “NICKI AND KIM BEEF” not “LIL KIM NEW MUSIC”….kim cant hang.


  51. An0thrDream

    LiL Kim has too much time on her hands

    This is why my fav. female rappers are Missy Elliot, Trina, Eve, and Nicki minaj. Ladies who understand the importance of lifting each other up to succeed in order to keep the genre alive and successful. These ladies dont waste time calling each other out, instead theyre selling records, make huge fts on songs and bein successful.

    The only lil kim record I ever hear nowadays (once in a while) is how many licks. I like(d) LiL Kim but to come at the new generation like that? Thats like Janet comin at ciara, madonna comin at gaga, or michael comin at usher. LiL Kim was Queen for maybe a year or two, but as far as Im considered your BIG when your mainstream, the streets will get you nowhere.


  52. kdub

    thats wassup kim defend ya self that fake bitch stealing ya shit keep that shit real


  53. GangsterA

    Ho sit down where is the real Queen MISSY when you need her


  54. T

    Dont hate on the Queen!


  55. listen

    team KIM. i like Nicki as well. but it’s not even about taking sides. Kim in this interview was just speaking the truth. as someone who works in this industry and a lot of the artists, you realize that a lot of these people are out for self and there’s no loyalty. it’s all greed and kim was clearly speaking up for herself. like she said, she could’ve spoken about it sooner in nicki’s rise to fame, but she waited, tried to be cool, that didn’t work, so now she’s calling her out on that shit. it’s simple. it’s about respect. where’s the loyalty? regardless of where kim is today, she’s clearly paved the way for nicki. it’s not about being number one cause everyone knows that Lauryn Hill is the epitome of female hip-hop. it’s about acknowledgment. respect. and kim felt disrespected. so now she’s calling her out. it’s the industry. you finally have to speak your mind.


  56. Pucci

    The only problem i have with the things she said is when she said “50 Cent is in a different league & Rick Ross will never be on 50′s level”… And what level is that Kim? the level of having a debut album was a street success as much as it was a commercial success, then having the rest of your albums perform badly… If anything, 50 has shown that he cant compete with the likes of Rick Ross, hell he cant even compete with Soulja Boy because nobody is buying his gimmicks of starting beef with rappers for silly reasons to promote record sells, & no one is feeling him in this day in age… So really, her diss to Rick Ross was more of praise, becasue she was right. Rick Ross will NEVER be on 50′s level & that’s a good thing!


  57. supafly

    KIM didnt paved the way for SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yo-Yo paved the way.
    Queen Latifah paved the way.
    Salt-N-Peppa paved the way.
    McLyte paved the way.
    Roxanne Shanté paved the way.


  58. ksmooth

    “wat she want nicki to say shout out to kim everytime she get on an interview llz fuck wrong wit ha” BUTKIM KEPT THROWIN SHOOTs first wen she said “THERE NEVA BE ANOTHER ME WAT YU OUT YOMIND” In grindin gettin moneyman she washed up n jus sad old ass bitch off track like bad weaves llz


  59. Henry

    Common people,a little truth is all we need.Nicki is being disrespectful to Lil cause lil is her senior in this guys knows that.


  60. BowChickaWahWah

    What happened to her face? lol ew


  61. philly11

    @day day Im wit u…lyrically they not fooling wit Eve…so this beef is entertaining so I’ll watch but Eve is the TRUTH!


  62. philly11

    @Pucci…stop it!! Rick Ross’ best selling album is 50′s worst selling album…so STOP IT!!


  63. LoveTheWayULie

    oh common guys..if kim is a queen she wouldn’t talkin shit like these…
    she is good singer,but this what she’s talkin is really stupid …
    it sounds like she is jealous…But u see ? Nicki is real DIVA,so she don’t care,and she don’t comment things like these ..
    Kim is acting like a kid…


  64. dilanoh



  65. king

    @LoveTheWayULie u make sense. dilanoh, pls kim is nothin. wat Nikki has done dis year alone, it took Kim her whole (now defunct) music career. Stop bein biased and face facts


  66. listen

    it’s not a sprint…it’s a marathon @ king.


  67. dee

    * Grammy Awards
    o 1997: Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for “Ladies Night (Not Tonight remix)” (with Missy Elliott, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Da Brat, and Angie Martinez) (nominated)
    o 2002: Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for “Lady Marmalade” (WINNER)
    o 2003: Best Female Rap Solo Performance for “Came Back for You” (nominated)
    o 2003: Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for “Can’t Hold Us Down” (with Christina Aguilera) (nominated)
    o 2003: Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for “Magic Stick” (with 50 Cent) (nominated)
    o 2008: Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “Let It Go” (with Keyshia Cole & Missy Elliott, ) (nominated)
    * MTV Video Music Awards
    o 1998: Viewer’s Choice for “All About The Benjamins” (with P. Diddy and others)
    o 2001: Video of the Year for “Lady Marmalade”
    o 2001: Best Video from a Film for “Lady Marmalade”
    * My VH1 Awards
    o 2001: Favorite Video (“Lady Marmalade”)
    o 2001: Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just My Video? (“Lady Marmalade”)
    * Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards
    o 1997: Best Video by a Female – Rap/R&B (“Crush On You”)
    o 1999: Best Video by a Female – Rap/R&B (“Not Tonight (remix)”)
    * Source Awards
    o 2003: Female Artist of the Year
    o 2003: Female Single of the Year “The Jumpoff”
    * Teen Choice Awards
    o 2001: Choice Song of the Summer (“Lady Marmalade”)
    * MOBO Awards
    o 2003: Most Stylish Artist of the Year
    * Radio Music Awards
    o 2001: Song of the Year Top 40 Pop Radio-”Lady Marmalade”
    * TMF Awards-Belgium
    o 2001: Video of The Year-”Lady Marmalade”
    * TMF Awards-Netherlands
    o 2001: Video of The Year-”Lady Marmalade”
    * ALMA Awards
    o 2002: Outstanding Song- Motion Picture Soundtrack “Lady Marmalade”
    * ASCAP Music Awards
    o 2002: Song of the Year-”Lady Marmalade”
    * MTV Japan Awards
    o 2002: Best Choreography “Lady Marmalade”
    * MVPA Video Awards
    o 2002: Best Styling In A Video-”Lady Marmalade”
    * VIBE Awards
    * 2005: Album of the Year The Naked Truth (nominated)
    * BET Awards
    o 2006: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (nominated)
    o 2008: Best Song “Let It Go” (nominated)
    o 2010: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (nominated)
    * American Music Awards
    o 2003: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist
    o 2005: Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (nominated)



  68. dee



  69. 2123

    Kim is deceased. Her time has came and gone. She is a washedup bitter, bi##h.

    LMAO. Kim isnt even signed to a record deal. No one is checking for her.


  70. ThaBeyonceStan

    I think this is just stupid.


  71. JhuntdaProdigy

    I have a couple of points myself

    *Nicki hasn’t made not shots at Kim or anyone else rly, she’s cool with Trina, Eve, & all them, Kim’s the only 1 with a problem when Nicki said or did nothing to her

    *No one cares abt her affiliations w/ baby or slim

    *All drake said is he don’t care what Kim or anyone else says, & some real ish. He did not diss Kim, he stated he respected her as a veteran in the game, but stated his opinion on her actions. And she did say stuff abt Nicki, not just willie boy.

    *Diddy is kinda crazy to compare Ross to Biggie, but who cares? And what does 50 Cent have to do with anything.

    In conclusion: This b!tch just wanted some attention cause her careers over, case dismissed


  72. warren

    nicki is a stupid bitch and nuthin but a gimmick. kim’s track record speaks for herself so nicki should shut the fuck up





  74. sly b.

    Lil kim is too real for yall.



    Damn there are some true haters in this thread! Did I not just listen to the same 3 interviews that you all just did? Kim never said she was the first Lady in Hip-Hop nowhere during the interview! She stated that Nicki Minaj needs to pay homage to those that came before her. (and I agree) Must I remind you all that ROXANNE SHANTE’ was the first female in Hip-Hop to get out on stage in high heels and rock Gucci? I heard Nicki Minaj in an early interview once say that she looked up to Lil Kim and loved her. But after Nicki got big she just kept copying Lil’ Kim’s style and then never gave props to her ever again. Then Nicki grew as an artist and placed a little spin her on her image, once folks started asking her to get her own style, because she was deep in Lil’ Kim’s twat. Nicki is great I like her flow and pun on words. I love Lil Kim, and have been down with her since Junior Mafia. When it comes down to it though, it’s all about respect. If you are going to idolize someone and bite their style… at least give them credit, props, homage and recognition. Fore they are the originator! That’s like printing up a t-shirt and airbrushing a swoosh on it with the phrase “Just Be It” on it without thinking you should give some credit to Nike for coming up with the concept first. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. In the end you all know Kim would eat her lunch. It’s better to be Kim’s friend, make money with her, show unity and respect in hip-hop, and just be civil. Than to get your ass sued for copyright infringement. I wish Lil’ Kim would have put a patent on her whole style. That way Nicki would be broke right now after paying her royalties for copying her so much! Like I said I love them both. I just wish we as people of color could show the world that we can get along with each other and help build our community up! Together we stand. Divided we fall. (Which is what they want)


  76. mr.lmend

    omg i hate when people say if there was no kim where would nicki be SHE IS NOT THE FIRST RAP BITCH IN THE GAME nicki even said she loves kim she look up to kim but DAM kim act like nicki the only girl where.n colorful wiggs like kim you lookin real dumb and for you to call biggy’s mom a bitch your the BITCH lik man and this bitch aint near real nor classy if she was what her mind has her thinkin she is she would of camme to nicki when she thought she was takin shots at her thats what a real bitch do like kim your trash to me now i use to love you yo music nd all i like nicki too but you got some growin up to do you just a clown ass bitch for this man


  77. davi

    wow kim is sorry for this real shit man


  78. freeman

    I just think Nicki needs to be her own person. All that Barbie stuff is old. Even before Kim did this interview, I thought it was nothing different about her or different that I’ve seen. She really reminded me of Kim when she came out.
    Eventhough Kim wasn’t the first female rapper, but it’s obvious that Nicki has similar style to her. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it’s nothing fresh. She needs to do something to differentiate herself from all of this.
    If I’m not mistaken, Rihanna had similar experience. She was always compared to her peers or the other R&B girls;Because they all had the same look. long hair, parted in the middle or as I call it the Tyra Banks look. Rihanna had to do a total transformation with her hair and clothing to set herself apart from the others. So now it doesn’t look like she’s coping cassie/beyonce.She’s doing her own thing and people are no longer comparing her to the others. Instead they are now coping her style.
    I think Nicki is very talented and she needs to change her style, so she can’t be compare with Kim.I’m positively sure she’s going to do that in the future, if she’s a smart girl and in control of her career.


  79. Mia Gainey

    Wow….this is crazy!! First of all, Lil Kim had her time to shine, and still can. Nicki said that she looked up to Kim, what more do she need to say? I like little Kim, but she should have had her ass in the studio making some new music, then maybe Nicki little ass wouldn’t be the shit right now. No one need to pay you homage everytime they do an interview Kim…… Get it together…. Love you Queen B


  80. octavia

    well hip hop is dead anyway lol, i’m sick of this barbie BS lol, nicki is wack ass hell lol, she cant rap, only kids and punks play her music lol, She needs to come up with her own style, she needs to stop copying Kim. Anyway Kim will always be queen bee and thats at. Anyone who is real know that nicki is copying kim lol!


  81. Lady29

    I have to agree, what would Nicki Minaj persona be if there was no lil kim. In all truths, how would you react if someone took your style? May be, you would have a different response then kim. While others would not like it because they see others praising the person like she invented, like she is original.She is mad because people are acting like Nicki Minaj invented this whole persona- pertaining to Nicki’s appearance. However, in the beggining Nicki was lil kim clone- lyric wise, but now only thing she sharing now with kim is the wigs and shit. But, shit just say you got the ideas of wigs, clothes, and poses from kim.


  82. Sarah Jane

    If Kim is dead, why the fuck i9s you mentioning her name! Shit she is deceased and so none important, why is your wasting precious time writing what you said.


  83. Benson shady Kuriah

    Fact wil alwez remain tht kim is the queen and minaj juz copied wat kims done in all her career,its like planting and watering a mango tree evriday then smeone juz comes and steals then sells all of them,the people will appreciate the thief(minaj) and the one who did the real shit(kim) will obviously be mad,yal mathafukaz who r rooting for minaj r the new generation:minaj is childish and her rap is pointless,worst of all,she is wth em yung money bitchez!i leave u wth tupacs wordz YAL MATHAFUKAZ,FUK U 2!!!!


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