Kelly Rowland Is Hot in the Hamptons

Kelly Rowland

Fresh off announcing her two new U.S. singles “Rose Colored Glasses” and “Grown Woman,” Kelly Rowland hosted a release party for her album’s first offering “Commander” at AXE Lounge in Southampton, New York, on Friday (June 11). The Destiny’s Child diva showed up in a bright yellow cocktail dress and black heeled boots.

She recently revealed that Janet Jackson makes her speechless each time they cross paths. “When I meet Janet Jackson, I’m still tongue-tied—I barely know what to say, I just end up making a fool of myself,” she told The Press Association.

Kelly Rowland Kelly Rowland

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  1. Soul Sista

    beautiful black woman.

    them shoes must go thou.


  2. Really

    One of her best hairstyles.


  3. Dave

    Still gorgeous


  4. Ghetto Fab

    Forget about that other fued. This is the real Black barbie. Her body is sick, face gorgeous. Hair + Makeup is on point too.


  5. tronthemonstar

    FEELS SO GOOD TO BE A KELLY FAN. Kelly shits on majority of the girls in the game with looks a lone. Ain’t nothing like a “true” black woman!! She continues to go back in the time machine in reference to how she looks!! Bravo


  6. @LoveShaniqua



  7. lostonez

    dis ia tru beauty


  8. Jamie

    That’s my girl!!!!


  9. Enbee

    LOL I was thinking the same Ghetto Fab, Kelly really is the walking talking black Barbie, she’s beautiful! :-)


  10. GangsterA

    She looks great love the dress and the hair


  11. loso

    Wow just gorgeous!!!


  12. NikkiIsChillin

    Kelly looks great!


  13. Kitty

    Delicious Barbie………


  14. Muni



  15. Maya

    natural beauty!


  16. LShea

    I agree – Kelly is the REAL Black Barbie and a real Black beauty!!! In truth, she’s the closest thing to looking like it!


  17. syd

    i like kelly she has came into her own and it is well deserved i do think people slept on her last album it was hot!especially the track with the brat


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