Rap-Up TV: Ne-Yo Speaks on Paris Hilton, Rick Ross, & Michael Jackson

In the final part of Rap-Up TV’s interview with Ne-Yo, the Grammy winner dishes on partying with Paris Hilton in Las Vegas, getting “Super High” with Rick Ross, what his collaborators Ross and 50 Cent share in common, his hour spent with his idol Michael Jackson, and writing the perfect song for the King of Pop. “I don’t know how many songs I trashed before I even finished them like, ‘Nah, this ain’t good enough for Mike,’” he revealed.

Part 1: Ne-Yo Reveals Album Details, Alter-Ego, & Writing for Rihanna
Part 2: Ne-Yo Talks Acting, Jennifer Hudson, & Kanye West

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  1. Yac Pics

    Whatever he puts out will be bought by me & my entire click.love all of his product he’s not boring he knows how to tell an exciting story 2sum it up.I’m excited 2B a fan 10-16 checkn out


  2. 08Aniyah

    That boy’s always trying to be Michael Jackson! But I’m not mad at him! Go ahead Ne-Yo! You make us black men look BETTER! Keep adopting his style until you build your own from it! Michael Jackson did it with James Brown and Gene Kelly. I hope you become the one who comes close to exceeding his success!


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