Producer Responds to ‘Massive Attack’ Reception, Reveals New Nicki Minaj Collaboration

Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj’s “Massive Attack” hit the airwaves and blogosphere, the song’s producer, Alex Da Kid, embraced the public’s opinion, yet he didn’t lose sleep over it. “Some people hate it, some people love it,” he says. “I’m cool with that.”

The London native admits the Sean Garrett-assisted single wasn’t as well-received as he hoped, but when creating beats with “different” in mind, that comes with the territory. “My whole thing [is that] I don’t want to do anything that’s the same as what’s out there,” he tells “I think ['Massive Attack'] may have been too different. If we would’ve put a big feature on it, like a Kanye or Rihanna or someone, I think it might’ve done a bit better. It needed something familiar about it.”

For fans that played the Harajuku Barbie’s first single incessantly, they can expect another Alex Da Kid collaboration on the rapper’s forthcoming debut. The producer confirms that a second record he created will also make the cut. “From what I know, there’s definitely another one on [Nicki's] album,” the “Love the Way You Lie” hitmaker shares. Though he would not reveal the song’s title or its content, Alex did provide an inkling as to what the masses can look forward to. “It’s up-tempo, very clubby, very hard,” he discloses. “[It's] a level up from ‘Massive Attack.’”

After working with Minaj several times in the studio, the 26-year-old beatmaker applauds her work ethic. “Some people in the studio don’t really get it,” he explains. “They kinda know what they want, but they don’t know how to articulate it. [Nicki] really knows how to articulate it. I like her vibe.”

–Georgette Cline

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  1. JanetFan

    Any one with any sense in music knows that MAssive Attack was terrible, and I like Nicki Minaj..

    It was different at all, it was the typical trash music that artists are producing atm, it needs about 10 steps up, I know with Nicki it can work


  2. BROOKLYN718

    This song was horrible. Massive Flop. LMFAO


  3. Shaytan

    I respect Nicki – However I would respect her alot more if she created her own image instead of following in the steps of Lil Kim, Lady Gaga, Missy Etc. I think she has something she just needs to find it. Kim came out being nasty and hardcore. Missy came out being dance and different, Trina came out sexy and southern.. She needs to find her and I think people will start to listen to her but at the moment. All she is doing is trying to recreate other’s image which at the end of the day creates riff between fans and other artist.. I wish her the best luck


  4. Shaytan

    FYI – Does this video not look like EVE/LIL KIM


  5. TeamMinajMO

    NICKI MINAJ, along with Massive Attack where the shit. PERIOD! “See ya den you lick ya tounge, bet that / it taste good get cha some” “Click, Click, Click young Nic the Atomic Bomb” Nicki’s Metaphors are C R A Z Y. Her style is different. Her sound is EXTRAORDINARY. If people would just fixate on what she is saying, open your ears, listen 2 the music & stop worrying about what it sounds like. Because we all know Nicki’s style is different [ which is the reason i LUV her ] but some people just arn’t use to DIFFERENT and won’t be for a while, which is okay. Just listen to what she’s saying, and you will to understand that ONIKA MARAJ [ Nicki Minaj ] is the S H I T !


  6. PrettyGurl

    I love yhu nicki this is a nice song keep up the work baby girl


  7. GangsterA

    I love massive attack and i cant wait for her new shit


  8. nickiiiii

    nicki needs to do 1 thing and 1 thing only; BE HERSELF
    its her own style and mixtapes that got her the hype shes got and she needs to do true nicki rap. not try to crossover to pop or club. nicki harajuku r&barbie!!!!!!


  9. WhatTheF

    @Shaytan Green hair. Bushy blond hair.



  10. Will

    I think that if Nicki stuck to her look from when she did mixtapes like the black hair and everything then nobody would be able to compare her to anyone. Just because she decides to wear colored wigs they automatically say shes jacking Lil Kim. Cmonson like r u serious? Nicki Minaj sounds absolutely nothing like Kim at all and does not dress like her. After her first album drops i think people will respect her for who she is as an artist and forget all about that stupid lil kim comparison cause its so irelevant. Let it go.


  11. carl



  12. FRESH

    she hot because no one is out …period ..otherwise her album would of drop already..i liked her when she first came out then i notice so much lil kim traits coming out her and i jus grew discust………kim is my bitch!! and every rapper should have they own lane (style,swag,everything) i dont dislike nicki but i jus would respect her if she was just establish her own style..


  13. Meow


    i agree..

    If she didn’t copy lil kim in this pic, then idk


  14. ponyo

    go look at lil kims video “jump off” she is wearin alot of stuff that lil kim has already wore……plus she had the nerve to copy lady gaga of all persons and missy in her video…then she pretend she so innocent…ps the song hot..but my girl is a copy kat


  15. crunkpoet

    the beat was bananas


  16. humberto

    Massive Attack is the bomb! Love it! So fresh!
    So I must say I’m excited to hear another production from Alex.


  17. Alejandro

    From reading the comments some people make it seem like 1 person copywrote a hair style and color. Someone please remind me what the Lil’ Kim looked like?


  18. bijan

    Uhhhh Massive Attack was “different” ?

    That’s not an excuse. Tell me one thing about it that was “different” production-wise from what’s out there right now.


  19. Mike

    I honestly don’t see how somebody does not like “Massive Attack”. The beat and the lyrics were both sick, the song itself just wasn’t radio friendly.


  20. B.Keep.Ur


    Holy Crap, I See It?


  21. Stephonne

    People are dumb…. Blogs should get rid of comment boxes…


  22. Stefan

    @ Stephonne


    I totally agree, but how else would you have known that without comment boxes?


  23. iicey

    lolol All i have to say is that this isnt her best song. The video was a hot mess,,,but .w.e. she on the top right now most respect fo dat.


  24. Harvey

    I don’t give a fukk. Massive Attack was a dope ass record. The beat is insane, that shit goes hard. And I don’t even a fan of Nicki Minaj like that. But it was a HORRIBLE CHOICE as a lead single. They should’ve just kept it for the album.


  25. Gina

    the beat was…special. I still bumped the track in my car with my girls daily

    Massive attack on y’all haters!


  26. Keri

    Lil’ Kim looks cute in that pic above!! Oh wait, thats Nicki Minaj. Wow, what a swagger jacker. Damn, smh Its so sad this girl stole Lil’ Kim whole style, and wont pay homage or ADMIT she is a Kim fan.


  27. Tami

    Massive Attack lyrically made no sense, what was the meaning behind it? Until Nicki Minaj comes up with her own style and can rap songs that have actual meaning to them I cannot be a fan of hers .


  28. DrakeNmon

    She’s a pathetic excuse for an artist and song proves it, Lil Kim wannabe!


  29. EveryYearIsCiaras

    The only thing that was bad about massive attack was that at some parts, you couldn’t hear her. The beat could have been more organized though.


  30. kuku

    personally, i think sean garrett is terribly annoying on massive attack….dont like his parts, which stopped me from playing the song

    i liked nicki though


  31. LShea

    Not a Nicki fan by any means so it was outta nowhere for me that the video grew on me. Over 4 million views on Youtube; ironically haters helped to bring that number up. Hmm… When people hate on something it makes some people curious, as was the case. The only think I didn’t like were those creepy guys w/the contacts. Unnecessary and confusing.


  32. Al

    Song is hot…nicki had a good delivery but could of changed the words!!

    p.s. She looks real good in the video


  33. Steve

    All I have to say is I LOVE MASSIVE ATTACK, The beat and Nickis metaphors are creative as hell !



    Massive attack goes hard.
    Especially when its bumped in the whip.
    … Why do haters even bother commenting…
    just don’tlisten to it damn.


  35. RadioKILLa_chick

    This song doesnt make sense and the people that like it have no sense. Kids now and days are dumb as ever. Im 21 and I know this is garbage. She is not talking about ANYTHING. There is no plot to the song…… Lauryn Hill made sense, she talked about real issues. NICKi is talking about TUM TUMS. WTF> EVE, MISSY, KIM, WHY ARE YOU LETTING THIS HAPPEN. You people that like Nicki are just cl*t ridin. When she first came in the game she was not talkin about BARBIES. Thats the Nicki I like, the grown women. You people that like her are just lames and are not real fans, cuz if you were, you would know she is not being true to herself.


  36. Steve


    Tom Tom = Atomic Bomb, not the medicine Tum Tums.

    And Yes the song does have a meaning Its her Massive Attack on the Rap game. If you listen to the lyrics “Tell them rap bitches that Nicki said this we got Tom Toms over here bigger than a monsta”. You should listen to the lyrics closely.

    Damn I guess Nicki’s metaphors are TO good.


  37. keyana

    whaen she said she is a barbie she curious she look like she going to hurt someone


  38. Babyblue

    Massive Attack is a amazing!the lyrics dont matter. the beat is great and so is her voice @RadioKILLa_chick what the heck! nicki is amazing! u know, maybe you should stop hatin, get out of your parents basement, and ge a life, cause the only people who dat are just b!#@^*$ who dont have one. maybe if you weren’t so mean, you could have a bf who would mellow you out


  39. ajb55

    I think Nicki needs a lot of growing up. She is a loud month disrespectful person spoiled brat. She still needs to grow up. The show is about finding a future star. The judges are there to give constructive criticism to the candidates to help them.

    Nicki is always ready for a fight. She is very disrespectful and has a filthy mouth, if I had children I would not want them taking any interest in her gettho mouth. This behavior of hers is not suitable on a family show such as Idol.

    I think Mariah is much more mature and she does not bring herself down to Nicki’s level. Nicki just needs to learn and shut up, if she has nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all. I am sure the male judges are getting tired of all this bickering. Its kind of funny to watch them not getting involved.

    I just think potty-mouth needs to go, this is a family show.


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