Video: Katy Perry f/ Snoop Dogg – ‘California Gurls’

Katy Perry

Katy Perry serves up the sticky-and-sweet visuals for her No. 1 hit “California Gurls” featuring the West Coast’s own Snoop Dogg. Instead of going the obvious route with palm trees and sandy beaches, the Santa Barbara native frolics among cotton candy clouds and cantankerous Gummi Bears in the Candyland-inspired video. Snoop dons a cupcake-covered coat, while Katy satisfies our sweet tooth with her tempting treats. Yum!

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  1. WhatTheF

    Daisy Dukes, Bikini’s on top!



  2. LEXY

    Love it , these are the type of videos I like fun and vibrant


  3. AAA

    That’s my song


  4. dr

    this video is funn


  5. Giamma

    Great video! She’s so cute!


  6. DrextR

    Good….but not great. It kinda reminds me of “Fergalicious”. But it’s ok


  7. GangsterA

    What a cute video the song not so much


  8. Kyle

    I think Katy Perry is the sexiest pop star out of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Christina, Britney and all the others. She has a unique look and has pretty decent pop songs. This song is a little too poppy for me but I’m happy to see getting a lot of success.


  9. jk

    yeah cute but kinda reminds me of AQUA!


  10. JD

    I dont have anything by her but Katy Perry is good in my book


  11. An0thrNight272

    haha I love katy perry! her music is so fun and she stays true to herself as an artist. She’s cool


  12. SexyBoomBoy

    This is one of the best videos i have ever seen =)

    i love katyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy u are sweet like candy


  13. fi

    despite tons of make up she still looks so damn average!
    I am sure
    Nickelodeon kids love that kinda commercial shit!


  14. Dizzle

    LOOOOL LOVE this video and song!! cant wait til it HITS tha UK #1 baby :) <3 xx


  15. sagb

    i like it


  16. ...

    goofy as hell
    gorgeous girl, awful song that sounds like everything else she’s ever done, pitiful video


  17. SugarF

    The video has nothing to do with the lyrics… Where is the golden coast? (Only at the end of the video). West coast represent? I only see haribo-bears with the finger… Love the song, stupid video…


  18. Phoenix_Wright

    Next thing u kno lil kim gon get on her too for the different colored wigs! SMH!! LOL

    Video is cool. Not into the song, but Katy is nice.


  19. True Blue

    The gummi bear giving her the finger was hilarious.


  20. Lindsey



  21. kani k.

    Eerie.. good not great though.


  22. isabelle.m

    like is the candyland in california???? y would u sing about california n place it wit a candyland video but i liked it,it was cute n fun


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